Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Life In The Last Week:

  1. Our lawn. Eli repeated the phrase “muddy, money pit” with some laughs after hearing us bemoan the never-ending project. It has had many hiccups in the process. There will be much rejoicing when the stupid sprinkler system is in and grass arrives. 
  2. We went to the waterpark in Mandan! Convincing Eli to float the moat river took over an hour but after he made his mind up to do it, he loved it! Annalee fell asleep while I held her as we floated together. We will go back in five years when they know it's cool. And I can float lazily by myself. 
  3. Eli jumped off the bed Friday night and screamed. He hurt his foot. He limped all weekend and when I pushed the 5th metatarsal area (same I broke), he winced. X-rays Monday showed he most likely didn’t break it, but with his growth plates right there, it made diagnosis a bit tough. We could have booted him (!) but decided to just wait it out. If he’s still limping by next Monday, we have issues. I’m so happy he didn’t break it as mine still hurts and I’d hate for that to be his story too. #mykid 
  4. On way to said x-ray appt, my car battery died. 
  5. We rode a trolley with friends! Another Mandan adventure and very cool.
  6. Something wacky is up with my washing machine. My beloved washing machine. Gulp. 
  7. The pearl in one of the earrings Greg gave me and I’ve worn almost daily for nine years fell off. I have it, at least, but when one wears the same earrings every single day, you get attached. Change is hard. 
  8. Annalee tried on more shoes than any 20-month old should. 
  9. We have a camper in our driveway. We need to sell it for my parents. Until then, we look like campy people.
  10. Our daycare lady has bronchitis. Grandma to the rescue while I worked today! She’s got a house full already with family in town for the 4th, so she’s going to be tired! Last year over the 4th we were so anxious to move into our house, then we had the bird mites infestation of 2015 saga, stressed to the MAX. This year seems stressful as well, but not quite the same, thankfully! We are hoping for a lovely time in Bismarck with family together… and a finished, working sprinkler system for the week ahead!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

FD 2015.

Father's Day 2015. I woke up next to Greg (crabby and earlier than I wanted, but it's not about me). He's a stellar daddy. Eli and Annalee are blessed with his heritage in their lives. He cares about them, their whole little beings. It shows. Every.Single.Day.
What a treat!
And then my dad arrived today, too! So glad to give him a hug in person. He was such a positive, loving, and affirming dad growing up. What a gift. He's here just until Tuesday but we made a few sweet memories. Like dessert at McDonald's. Watching him laugh with delight at Annalee being silly. Seeing him nap while Eli and Annalee (who should have been napping) tried to wake him up. Smiling at them all doing "these are grammy's glasses.... just like that!" together. 

This is Eli's face when he first saw Grandpa Lloyd walk up when he arrived today.
Loved being able to give him a hug on Father's Day plus share on facebook about his Alzheimer's on The Longest Day (awareness about Alzheimer's on 'the longest day' of the year (which here is CRAZY long with sunrise at 5+am and sunset well, it's 10:10pm right now and I can still see down the block)). Fitting day. 

If only there were more solid men in the world.


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Flag Day Y'all.

Yesterday Grandma had a birthday. We gave her a gift of quiet but we did see her Friday night and today. We all adore her. She's fun and resourceful and kind and energetic and tidy and joyful and talented and giving and friendly and we can go on and on!
So much fun!
Annalee has just been loving Grandma these days. Choosing her over me or Grandpa or Daddy. Considering Annalee wasn't a fan of her early on, we all knew this day would come! Grandma did so much for her in her first year, she deserves some snuggles and loving!

Helpers ALL wanting to water the flowers!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Here's my side, the originals before we up and got hitched and produced darling littles:

Ali was taking pics while Eli and Ava tried making us laugh and doing a bang up job of it!


Friday, June 5, 2015

Us in MN.

The kids and I have been in MN a week and we plan on leaving Sunday. It's been a lovely time together!

Just today:

Driving range with my Dad!

Story time with Gpa:

This girl, trying to sit on a toy chair! Her spatial understanding may be off. Hilarious!