Friday, January 30, 2015

Worth Orange Goo.

Very rarely I buy Cheetos. Why I like them, I'm not sure. Thankfully my husband will eat lots. But then... there's the end of the bag... and you just have to do this:

Keepin' it real. 

Our friends that were over tonight are on a whole foods diet. Super awesome. And perhaps something we should do, someday. 


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Of Mice and Men.

We have one week left of January. And we are surviving! Some of our happenings:

A hiccup... includes the realization that there are mice, a mouse, who knows... taking residence in my van. Hopefully they have left camp. And the garage all together. We shall see. Gus Gus, please leave!!

I used to tell Greg I'd choose a mouse over a cockroach. We had that conversation a handful of times living in South Carolina. Now I have to say I still get more eeeegee beegeees out of a cockroach, but at least they can't chew stuff. I don't know if our mice are chewing my van wires, but they could and that makes me mad. Gross. Pests. That's what we get for living with no other houses on that side of our house. All proof that I would have never made it as a homesteader. Pioneer woman I am not.

The weather was in the 40's this week. In January in North Dakota, it's unheard of. And spectacular. It rained today. Super odd. On Friday, Annalee was so happy to get to walk from daycare front door to the van, in her socks. She was laughing happy. And then screaming mad when I tried to pick her up and put her in the van. The girl got a taste of outside walking in nice weather and she did not want to let go. I hear you, sweetie.

The kids:
Her new words this week: down (dn) and please (eees). She's been saying "all done" for awhile and that's super cute. She laughs more these days, it's adorable. Eli and her will play chase around the kitchen laughing and it makes my mother heart soar. Mother heart doesn't beat so happily in the morning, however. They have both been waking up earlier than ever. I'm still not a morning person and they could say the cutest things first thing in the day and I'm still going to grunt and wish the light was off and I was sleeping.

Annalee will make it through a few pages of a book now. Then she's off. She also climbs often, loves to stack anything and everything, she lights up when Daddy comes home (or most of the time she sees him) and happily exclaims "Da Da!", she has mixed reactions about Eli but she loves to talk about "E I", and she is a crazy picky eater already. Boo.

Eli is growing up and it hasn't been easy to see his sweetness marred by life and sin and growing pains. He often says "but it's so hard" about choosing good, or discipline, or putting on his shirt. We will fight laziness in him. He needs his quality time and his behavior usually perks up. If you want to get on Eli's good side, give him a snack. His favorite superhero is Batman because we have one book of him and pajamas with a cape. I love that he's never seen the movie and just thinks he exists in that one book. He's going to be four in three months. Whoa!

I usually don't post what Greg and I are doing so here you go:

Our washer and dryer are hanging out in our living room while our builder's handyman fixes our laundry room flooring. He's been here often fixing things (that should have been fixed before we moved in (but we were too ready to move and didn't want to wait!)). All that "finally this is being fixed" is motivating me to work on decorating around here. It was a good week getting some decisions made and projects started. Here's to finishing them!

Greg's guitar pedal is being finicky. He is playing guitar at church tomorrow and his pedal is going wacky. I think that he is figuring out a solution but that is his main project this Saturday night. I find it great that I know what a guitar pedal is. FTW!

Happy Saturday night, ya'll.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Nice Doggie, Be Nice.

So January. I have strong, not-nice feelings towards this month. It's not my favorite. Deep down I'm so nervous about being depressed and unmotivated and full of bad attitude selfishness about living where the air hurts my face. Seriously. Running errands or bringing kids out in freakishly cold is just plain not fun.

BUT thanks be to God (for global warming? um, not quite) this last week has been mild. Heck, even pleasant! I didn't spend as much time outside as I should have this week, but something about knowing it wasn't that insane cold, made my outlook brighter.

We did have some time out earlier today. It was still cold (I mean, it is January in ND) but not unbearable. Annalee was dressed in full winter gear (probably for the first time). And she looked adorable, bundled up waddling around. 
Check out the Road Closed sign, that's the street in front of our house. Plus small patches of dirty snow and a whole lot of dirt.
Daddy and Eli played bat/ball and had a great time. Eli does whine "I don't want it to be winter" or "I want winter to be done" and other such sayings (which I swear he doesn't get from us? shoot, I hope not) so when he actually wants to be outside, that's a win for us!

Thankful for this break in super cold so we can thaw and feel a bit more normal!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

First Haircut.

Annalee's hair has always been full. She's never been a bald baby. Lately her hair has really been getting in her eyes, however, so a bang trim was needed. Mommy to the rescue!

"I hope I don't mess this up?!"

I just did the front bangs and she just sort of looks like a boy. But there are always pigtails:
I'm a cute girl!
Our sweetie is still in the 1% for height. We were happy to be there with our healthy girl at her 15 month check-up last week, even if she is short! She's gaining and her head is huge so she's just fine. Healthy kids, what a gift! She's also talking more, saying banana and ball and some other words. She still likes a bottle before bed and in the morning, but she's getting to be more toddler like every day. Though I'm sure her brother will call her Baby Annalee for years (he only called her Babes for a few days, thankfully)!


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Married Friend.

Since junior high, I've had a friend with a sweet southern name (Jillmarie). I don't have too many friends from back in the day, but she's one of them. We sometimes don't talk for months and months, but we are still incredibly comfortable around each other.

She lived in upstate SC for a few years while we lived in Columbia (how random is that to have us North Dakotans living in SC at the same time?). She's nomadic and independent at heart, this one. This nice guy and her have been on again, off again (the off being all on her not-wanting-to-commit part) for awhile but he was wise and told her he was coming to visit her and her family over Christmas. The moment he got off the plane, she was set and they were married days later, on Christmas Eve. Jill's family was there. Super quick and they are happy and she's finally over that fear of marriage and a big wedding.

Their flight out of ND was cancelled and there were absolutely no rental cars, but they knew someone heading to Bismarck so they showed up on our doorstop New Years Eve and we got to spend about 18 hours with them. So glad we were able to see these two newlyweds and wish them well. They really are well suited. Did I mention they are living in Florida? That's like one long honeymoon living there (my bitter cold ND may be talking here). They are going to enjoy married life together, I'm sure of it!

Congrats Jill and Tony!


Sunday, January 4, 2015


Our family got cheeks.

And even we like to smoosh them:

Eli started calling Annalee "babes" today. He often calls her Baby or Baby Annawee... and I guess today it shortened to Babes. That kid.


PS - we had extended K family photos on New Years Day. The all group one wasn't as awesome as I'd hoped, but getting 17 people (including two one-year-olds and six kids 4-8... well, it ain't easy!). I'll post, someday!