Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I have done the last few posts on my here 'ol blog via my phone. Because it's so darn easy to take photos on my phone and then upload them to a post. No computer involved. But you know what they say, technology is great until it doesn't work. Okay "they" probably say something wittier than that. Whatev.

So I had this cute post with a *gasp* topless Eli photo but it's not uploading. Who knows, maybe they are censoring for Eli's sake. He'd appreciate that.

But I think the real reason I'm having trouble is because I am almost out of space on my phone. It's only 8GB and my 1,000 plus photos and videos made my phone full to the brim. Tomorrow is the dump-day where I'll delete the photos and videos once I transfer them to my computer.

Speaking of, I am on our computer much less these days. This 'ol Dell has been through and seen so much in almost five years. It could use a break. But you know what else I'm using less? My camera! My beloved Nikon has been sitting under my bed for OVER TWO WEEKS. It used to have a prominent place on my counter or end table because it was always in use. But when I was doing mad tidying up awhile back, I put it under my bed. It hasn't been moved. No photos of Eli have been taken on it and if it had feelings, it would be oh-so-sad.

I'm sorry, Mr. Nikon. I will strive to put down my convenient device and actually use some skill to take a photo. Soon.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Complete Set.

I was reminded yet again of how I like order and completeness. And since I know I am not alone in this, I figured I would share this something that proved my personality trait.

Awhile ago over a span of a few months, Eli got three kids meals at ChickfilA. Inside were Paddington Bear board books (side note: I love that that have a special toy for kids under three and it's usually a book!). They are tiny little books and nothing spectacular...except maybe the fact they teach Eli some British culture.

Eli has recently become interested in them because they are so tiny. He can carry all three together with no problems. He likes us to read to him but I have caught him "reading" them to himself too. And tossing them around and stacking them. 

All fine and dandy. But yesterday I happened to notice that they had little numbers on the top, meaning they are part of a set or series. I had known by looking at the backs of the books that there were other Paddington books...but this is the first time I saw those little numbers. And inside me came this urge to complete the set, to fix the numerical imbalance that has occurred.

I restrained from heading out for waffle fries at that moment. Besides its been so long I'm not even sure this is still the current toy. And I thought I could find them online...but my practical side won out as it is plain ridiculous to spend money on tiny free books.

So I'm letting it be. Letting myself be okay with something not whole. Letting this 2,3,5 slide. Just this once.

That's a big step for me, eh?


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thanks AC.

Let the planning begin!

That's right. I decided on a theme for Eli's birthday party. Now please recall with me how I promised Greg I would never go overboard again on birthday parties for our little man. But well gee... I LOVE to plan parties! And so it begins.

Let's hope it won't be as extreme or detailed... but you just never know what I'll come up with. I decided this theme a few days ago but I should have done it weeks ago if I was smart. Why? Because a craft store in town went out of business and they had everything 50% off. Then 75%. Then 90%. And I went. Often. If I would have known it would have kept going up in discount, I probably would could have resisted at first. It officially closed Monday and I was quite sad I didn't go for the fit-all-you-can-in-one-bag-for-$3 day.

Oh but it was still loads of fun getting items for pennies (yes!) and finding stocking gifts and other treasures.  I learned that one of my weaknesses is definitely paper or cards. Paper makes me happy. But really most sections of a craft store will cause me to swoon (except sewing and yarn and other such really-need-talent areas).

Here's Eli enjoying a few buttons from one of the shopping trips. Yes, this is just plunder from one trip. See that bucket? It didn't have a tag so the dude just gave it to me for free. 

This is why I really need want a craft room!

Hopefully much of it will come in handy for Eli's party and  for gifts and pinned projects.

And if you need any cardstock, I'm your gal. Come on over and discover the stash hidden under the spare room bed!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sweet Gift.

I was given a sweet gift on Friday. Eli said Maelee's name for the first time. He wanted to read her book so I asked him to say Maelee. He did over and over, around twenty times. It was so precious. I wish I could bottle that moment. It sounded sort of like Maenee, but he was so sincere.

And this morning? He brought me one of her books, looked up and said Maenee again. Sigh. Can't resist that.

I really am glad for the book I made for him about his sister. It turned out well. I'll share the link to it soon.

And I'm so happy that we haven't forgot her as we raise Eli and that he is already realizing her part in our family. Gift.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Heart Day.

Thanks Grandma for these stellar sunglasses! Eli looks fabulous and is bound to break some hearts today.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Did you know that our boy loves birds? He has for a long while now. It has been one his most used words. Bird. He can spot them far up in the sky or in the background of a book. Greg even bought him an actual bird book for Christmas. He's not actually naming species, he's no Audubon member yet. But if this awareness of birds continues, he may need to borrow your bronoculars, Grandpa!

Here he is in the parakeet area of the zoo last week...such joy. I love our zoo. And our boy!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

First World Problems.

The kid is healthy again. It was really only two days of sickness, then two days of quarantine. Somehow that's all it took for him to become quite spoiled. Wow. Now we will have a week of detox from the selfish ways that have overcome him. Hum. I could probably use one of those too.


It's a really great thing, you know?

A lot of times I'll be complaining about something in my head. Maybe not out loud but in my heart, I'm rattling on about this or that. Sometimes I will be given a heart-check though and I'll say out loud "First World Problems." A few years ago I watched a video that this kid did all about First World Problems and it was good and funny and very convicting. The internet world had caught on to the term. And I think it's great terminology because most often what I am complaining about are just that: First World Problems.

Bascially, the problems you think are problems are trivial and you are privileged to have them!

Examples? I'm going to go from just off the top of my head today:

  • My pants are feeling tight because I keep eating the Valentine peanut butter M&M's I put out. 
  • I have to take my ironing board out of my closet instead of having one of those sweet built-in ones.
  • I had to put on another shirt under this cashmere sweater because it's sort of itchy.
  • I forgot to put my delicate wash load on delicate so I had to run to the washer after I remembered.
  • While trying to see a text on my phone, I had to tilt it a certain way because of the crack on my iPhone.
  • My ChickfilA fries got cold on the drive to my friend's house. 

No joke, it took me only a few minutes to come up with this list that happened in the last four hours.

I saw a quick video on facebook this morning that has third world people saying first world problems in order to raise money for clean water. Great idea and my favorite is the kid that says "I hate it when I tell them no pickles and they still give me pickles." Ha ha, it reminded me of my one-friend-who-shall-remain-nameless and myself, though with mustard or tomatoes or mushrooms...

Some more perspective for me happened this morning when I got a text from my sister captioned "Minnesota baby!" with this photo of our sweet niece Ava:

And I was quickly reminded of how just last night I was telling (complaining?) to Greg that I probably wouldn't get to take Eli outside today because it was supposed to be really cold. He laughed and said "don't you remember when we couldn't wait to be outside because the snow melted and it was 40 degrees?" I did happen to watch two different weathermen say "Thursday was going to be very cold but it'll warm up enough to play golf this weekend." Sigh. My perspective on weather sure has changed. It's 50 degrees right now.

Now go, enjoy life and all the first world problems you are handed.

-Another First-Worlder

Monday, February 4, 2013

To Bubble Or Not To Bubble.

Eli is sick. The oh-no-it-involves-clean-up sort of sick. And we feel so, so bad for him. He got to watch a lot of TV today. And drink Pedialyte. Let's hope it stays in somehow. I'm not sure how he got this sickness but I have an idea...

Saturday morning I took Eli to the children's museum (I could get in for free though Eli was still $11.50 so I made sure we saw everything in our two hour visit). He wasn't feeling quite himself so it's possible he got sick before then... but there was loads of kids around + there are quite a few viruses going around + Eli touched everything because that's what makes life fun.

When his sickness first hit big time on Sunday my first thought was "oh I shouldn't have taken him to the germ-factory kids museum!" But then I realized that would have been lame. He would have stayed home and not experienced a ton of fun, new things for him. Sitting in a real fire truck and real car, putting wheels together, shopping with a mini grocery cart (and/or buggy), driving a tractor, painting a water wall, being a weatherman and newscaster, sitting in a big throne, peaking through small shaped holes, creating music, and even experiencing the southern, completely unrealistic snowville exhibit.

I could keep him home all the time with no visitors and minimal contact with germs. But that's not a way to live. So even though I never, ever want him to be sick, it's better for him to build up some antibodies and learn the joys of couch-living, bucket-near, mama-spoilin' life for a few days.


Oh and here's Eli having some gargantuan fun:

Friday, February 1, 2013

Little Bro and Me.

I love free Shutterfly books. They come around once in awhile through various things. I get the same size hardcover books and it is a way that I recorded our lives... all nice and lined up on a bookshelf years from now. I am finding this a good system for me, better than making prints (see glossy conundrum) and doing albums that way. And much better than scrapbooking for me. They have templates plus I can do custom-design mode which is fun for my graphics-wannabee background. All tidy in a little 8x8 book.

My friend Megan gave me a code she had for a free book expiring yesterday. I had started this book last year. But it was hard to work on and I just let it be. But since I didn't want to start doing my Christmas book yet (too many photos, too daunting), I decided to finish it.

The title? A Sister in Heaven. A book for Eli about Maelee.

You see, Eli has always been a book fan. But besides photo books, only recently has he shown interest in any longer books. The one that he found and loves? A book called "There is a Party in Heaven" that is a kids book about heaven. (Sidenote: it's good, see here, but know that they use bubbly Kristen and Curlz fonts, a graphics no-no!). We were given this from some friends who grieve their daughter and whose brothers read it. And so I knew it was time for him to have his own book about Maelee.

So just like two years ago when I was working hard to finish Maelee's Album, I have been tenderly doing this book. Hard to do. Good. Hard. Missing my girl and all that means. I'm more closely connected with this all when I'm designing a book about her.

Once I get it in the mail and approve of the hard copy, perhaps I'll share. I think Eli is going to really like it. It is special. And I hope it can inspire other baby loss moms to do one for their other kiddos.

Since she was so very on my mind, I decided Eli and I needed a special date this week. I think you know where...

Picking up each sprinkle.

Oh yes, he enjoyed it. Don't worry, I didn't let him eat much frosting.

Miss you baby girl.