Wednesday, October 29, 2014


It must be recorded that Annalee took at least four steps at one time tonight. She's been taking one or two quick steps here and there but tonight was a much more intentional walk. Greg was holding a light-up princess wand thing and she was determined to go for it. And the Browns and Grandma were there to watch! Super cute to see this little darling grow! I wonder how long before crawling is a distant memory.

Eli was busy entertaining Auntie Julie and Hannah visiting from Florida. He was loving allll the attention! Sometimes I fake a British accent when reading to Eli and he says "read it normal mom" so I have to stop. I was worried he was going to tell Julie to start talking normal (she's from England and has the accent to prove it!). He didn't seem to mind what Juyee was doing as long as she was paying attention to him!

Annalee is mastering the frown I guess. She's wearing the outfit they gave her last year (9 month size, fits great still!).

A fun evening with family!


Saturday, October 25, 2014


Baby Annalee is still very little! She had her one-year check-up this week and… drumroll please…. She’s still our Little Miss 1%!

She actually grew an inch and a half since this summer but that still leaves her at 27 inches and in the 1st percentile. And (yikes) she only gained an ounce since then so she dropped down to the 12% for weight! 17lbs, 5ozs. Her head is big though! 69% on those brains! ;)

I know those percentiles don’t mean squat, really, but they are interesting. She’s growing and doing fine so we are grateful for this little miss. Just try to limit the short jokes in her life, okay?

And yes, Eli was bigger and taller at 5 months than Annalee is at 12+ months. However, Annalee crawled at 6 months and Eli didn’t until 12! Plus Annalee can take a few steps now, if she really wants. But she’s cautious and impatient enough to still choose crawling if she wants to go the distance. Kids are SO different developmentally these first years!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Holding On.

We are holding onto fall as much as we possibly can. Praise God for the awesome weather this month. Really it has been pretty fabulous for October in ND and I am so grateful. It's done something good to my soul to have some warmth left. Seeing 67 degrees in my van as I'm driving to pick up the kiddos, that helps.

At work I sometimes walk from our building to the main medical center. It's a few blocks. When it's nice, it's a lovely walk! Last Wednesday a co-worker and I were walking and I made us stop to take photos of these beautiful yellow leaves on a sweet blue sky backdrop. And today that same co-worker and I walked by those same trees:
Pretty depressing, huh?

Enjoy autumn in ND because it goes so very quickly! Seasons!

Last night we did a quick stop by Grandma and Grandpa's and enjoyed s'mores, for the first time this year, actually. Eli was a big fan of everything about our hour there!

Why we live so close to them!

And tonight Greg was working late so it was just me on the kiddos. I decided park time was in order and we would ENJOY the fact we just needed a hat to cut the cold wind. It was 25 minutes well spent (and happy to have this park a minute's drive from our house)!
Swinging Siblings
Enjoy whatever season you may have now...


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mike & Bri.

Greg's cousin Mike was married yesterday. It was a beautiful ceremony, including a shout out to John and Maelee in heaven which was unexpected and overwhelmingly sweet. Such a solid couple. And what fun celebrating all that God has done in bringing them together!

We hired sitters so we could enjoy the wedding and reception/dance. Great idea! We had a blast!

He handed out programs for two minutes, maybe. But he looked cute!
A big fan of the bride. Welcome to the family Bri!

First Dance! Adorable coupleness.
We really did have a blast! Thanks to my MIL for taking my camera from me for this!
Congrats Mike & Bri!
I forgot to get their gift out of the van, then we took the car to the reception/dance... and it's still in the van. Whoops. Maybe when they have kids someday (in nine months), they will understand! 


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wave of Light.

Somewhat cheesy but remember babies gone far too soon, we shall. Always.

We read the book I made for Eli about her. And ate Twizzler treats. Eli told us he has two sisters. One is in heaven. Maewee. Annawee is right here.

Yes, that's right. Both gifts, these 'wee girls. Both sisters.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

One Sweet Girl.

Her jacket from the Lipperts was going to go perfect with her one-year photo shoot (and our family photos)... but the Lipperts bought 18-month size. No problem, says her mom. I'll exchange it at Target the night before the shoot for smaller. Target Fail. I forgot our Target is out of most everything. #boomstateproblems

So the jean jacket back-up happened as did the undershirt to keep her warm (it was nice but it was still somewhat chilly).

Still adorable as ever! This shot captures our sweetie well. She is hard to photograph so I'm especially grateful our photographer took loads of images for us. Treasures!


Our Very Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday Bash!

I went over the top a bit for Annalee's first birthday but 1. she MADE IT a WHOLE year!! 2. I did for her brother. The theme was decided because I had giant cut-outs (think classroom decor) from the Very Hungry Caterpillar book dirt cheap from a craft store closing. Then Target had these cute crayons and favor bags... and well, I didn't know Annalee wasn't going to love books. Whatever. It was cute and fun! Plus I tried focusing more on the butterfly and dots instead of the hungry or fat caterpillar because she is a girl. All girls like butterflies, right?

Details details.
SMASH CAKE! Look at her "oi, I ate too much sugar" face!
I was super authentic to the book. We had every food the caterpillar ate. That's about it. Well, the apple pie was more of a puff and the leafs were peas and mints).
Plus we had actual caterpillars! Edible eyes even! (idea from Ava's birthday party)
Everyone signed Annalee's copy of the book.
Makes me happy.
The month-by-month photos got lost in the mail. No time to do my garlands. So this was a last-minute fix.

Auntie Ruthie made leaf-shaped mints!
And I found butterfly-shaped gummies! Oh and the crayons are super cute.
Greg let me have an hour so I painted for the first time in years! Super fun painting this giant dot one.
Upside down cupcake caterpillar! Grammy made them - cute and yummy! And way easier than a cake.
We borrowed this game from the Crosby crew (our godson had this birthday theme).
Eli is a ham.
The Birthday Girl and Her Grandparents!
Surprise! Grammy made her skirt last minute to match the theme. Love!
We had a little photo booth. Adorable cousin Lilli.
Happy day for us to celebrate this girl, her life.
Everyone had to wear a nametag and fill in: "& I am very ____"
Look at her licking that plum!
Ha ha ha! The funny Browns.
I'm ONE!

Thanks to those that were a part of her day and for all those that love from afar! We are glad for this little girl that grew so much this first year!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

12 Month Cutie.

She's a whole year old now!

It shall be noted that Annalee is ONE. And I committed to taking her photos each month and by golly, we did it! I will make her photo montage of each month, just like I did for Eli. I may have posted his first year photo montage on his actual first birthday (when did I have time to do that!?) and I'm just shooting to have Annalee's done in her birth month! In my defense, we just got internet today so now I can do blogging and photo editing and other time wasters again.

A few milestones to note for our sweet:

  • Those top two teeth DID come in so she is becoming less vampire-ish by the day. 
  • She can now go down stairs, feet first. She has also fallen down but without getting injured, praise God.
  • Her hair is getting long, especially in the back. I think I could almost put it in a tiny pony tail. Too bad I'm not a hair person.
  • She smacks her lips when she sees something she wants! It's adorable now but maybe odd someday if she doesn't stop. 
  • I saw her take a step this weekend, as did my dad. And today she took two mini ones to get closer to Eli. 
  • She stands often on her own these days. And she's short. And it's so cute. She'll bend down to pick up toys and stand up again. And she will dance a little diddly sometimes.
  • Annalee sounds like a mini dinosaur when she's worked up. Which is often.
  • She's gone full days without formula, just whole milk. She didn't like the cold at first but seems to be transitioning okay. The days of pumping are but a memory and although I'd wish our story in that to be different, I'm glad she seems to be doing okay. 
  • We went out for pizza on her birthday night after I racked my brain thinking of what food she liked. She loved it. She still eats some baby food but enjoys feeding herself.
  • She locked up the computer by typing on it today. She loves buttons now.
  • Annalee loves attention from grandparents and they love giving it! Grammy calls her Annie. Grandpa Lloyd calls her Anna (the German pronunciation) at times. 
  • Grandma is going to write 'the annals of annalee' and include how Annalee broke her big glass lamp a few weeks ago. It was a disaster (think glass in thousands of pieces on the carpet). That girl.
I am so, so grateful Annalee is here and alive and healthy. Not a given. Such a gift. We celebrated her milestone on Saturday in a very intentional way. After learning a little two-year-old girl with a heart defect passed away, a young woman died of brain cancer, and a miscarriage dear to us all happened days before Annalee's birthday, I was again struck by the truth that the Lord gives and the Lord takes away. This side of heaven, we don't have many answers. But we trust in Him. And we celebrate when He gives abundantly. Annalee is a big 'ol package of grace and love towards us. I'm grateful for each day we have with her and I pray they are many. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.


Saturday, October 4, 2014


Annalee Kasowski is one year old today! What a dear girl we have in our family and what a gift to us!

Her party this morning was great! Photos to follow!


Thursday, October 2, 2014


Fargo is flat!!

View from my room on the top floor of the Ramada. 



Our girl has found my old rocking chair in Eli's room and loves to climb up and rock. She may be a jungle gym junkie.

She also climbs the dishwasher.