Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Last Year:

This Year:

I sure love that little sunflower of ours. Almost TWO years old!

And this guy is pretty great too!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Grammy left tonight and Grandpa Lloyd leaves tomorrow. But it was sure great to have them here for a few days! I will treasure hearing Annalee say "Hold Me Grammy" and "Bum-pa Loid" and seeing the kids light up when my Dad is pretending to be a cat "meow" or when we are all giggling at the dinner table in corn-themed pirate voices. Grateful for these ordinary moments that seem so extraordinary because we are together.

Come back soon!


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Grand Day 2015.

I am saddened by the fact my paternal grandparents died while I was so young. Man, some of my cousins had so.many.years with them and I was less than a year old when my grandfather passed and only nine when my grandma passed away.

And really I was too focused on myself to take time to really know my maternal grandparents before it was too late.

Damn being the youngest.

Yet I am grateful I married into having three awesome living grandparents to know, missing out only on knowing Greg's grandpa by a couple years.

And this grandparents day, I am especially glad our kids have four wonderful people to call their grandparents. A strong heritage is something to be celebrated! And what a gift, truly, that each of them are present in our lives.

Happy Grandparents Day!

These four are Eli's grandparents, too, but you know I just don't have those all nice and posed like I had these from June!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Two Today.

Maelee would have started kindergarten last week, friends. She would have been so ready to take on the world of school. Her little pink-ish backpack. Her dress and sparkly shoes. Five years and four months old, our firstborn would have been no more baby and all girl. So yes, she has crossed my mind as I think about that milestone this year and prepare for that for our boy next year.

You bet I loved the fact I could take these photos of our rainbow boy this morning. He had a year of two-day per week preschool last year and he started three-day per week this morning. Eli K (since now there is ANOTHER Eli in his class!), was roaring and ready to go back to school to see friends. And the new Eli? He wore a yellow shirt today. That's all Eli really could say. He painted and played and life is just grand at four, folks.

And let's not forget about this adorableness that is our Annalee. She has really gotten into a handful of stuffed animals, a few special ones get carried around. Puppy has stayed at the top of the charts, even after a week-plus hiatus in Buffalo (I mean even Puppy realizes it's a happy place and decided to stow away under the bed - thanks for the return Great Gma and cousin Mike!).

So there's our two today. One in the morning, the other in the afternoon in this very lovely fall day in ND.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Halfway to 70.

My guy, he doesn't do birthdays. He isn't into the limelight. So even though I'd love to theme-up his day, I try let it pass with just a few specialties. This year it involved thai food, his favorite. We learned we have a food truck in town. They gave me free egg rolls for his birthday! Sweet lady, reasonable and authentic food that I didn't hate! Win!

Greg's mom made his favorite Apple pie. Big win!

Better watch out, I'm going to break out a giant over-the-top birthday party for him, someday.