Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week In Quotes.

Some quotes heard this past week:

Eli: "Who is Carson Wentz?"

Eli's classmate to him on tie day Monday:  "you look like a husband!"

Annalee: "don't pee on the rainbow" as she hands me her rainbow drawings while I'm in the bathroom 

Annalee: "where I go?" as her lack of scheduling consistency leaves her guessing our destinations on any certain day. 

Evan: "waaaaaaaaaaaaa" (he is waking up like a newborn these days, every 2 to 3 hours at night, and screaming, so much screaming, minimal naps, just not a great stage for us)

Me, overwhelmed from wiping all three kid's butts in the span of two minutes, to Eli, but more for Greg who was in earshot: "you need to learn how to wipe your own a-s-s."
Eli, happily: "I know how to spell butt! A-S-S!"
Me, trying not to laugh at him or my obvious parent fail: "No, no butt is b-u-t-t" and hoping he doesn't relay that spelling in school.

Eli: "Look! There's "to" in the STOP sign!" As he keeps absorbing all his sight words at school. 

Lady at church: "he has got great thunder thighs!" (pointing to Evan)

Annalee: "my brain is going to pray" (meaning she's praying silently). 

Annalee: "it's okay buddy" over and over because her brother is screaming unhappily (he usually fusses a few minutes before taking a nap... And by fusses, I mean he freaks out and screams and scares the rest of us!). But when he sleeps! Oh he's preciousness. 

"BE QUIET, your brother is sleeping!!!" "Don't wake up Evan, he's sleeping!" "Let Evan sleep!" "Stop whining, you'll wake up your brother!" - Me, multiple times a day, because you never ever ever wake a sleeping baby, kids. 

-mama hlk

Friday, October 14, 2016

4 of 12.

Evan is a third of his way into his first year. Marvelous! I love this baby. 

He's easy to get to smile. He loves me and his milk. And he is not happy if he wants milk and is tired. Every night we have a cranky baby for a certain amount of time. But it's manageable. 

He weighed the same 16lbs, 14ozs and is around the 80th percentile for height, 24 inches puts him only in the tenth for height! Sorry buddy!

He loves watching his siblings. Loves baby Bjorn time with daddy. Starting to reach for toys. Putting hands in his mouth often. Likes to feel his blankie and put it by his face to sleep. Only takes a binkie occasionally. Had a little congestion for a few days this week. He is not on a schedule but he's doing well! 

-Evan's mom 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

4:30 - 5:30pm.

We have so many kids.

I may say that to Greg occasionally. Three kiddos around sure makes life full. It's fabulously full and messy and overwhelming and tiring and fun and completely crazy. My grandmother was one of eighteen kids and I just can't fathom. 

Currently I think Evan is sleeping in his crib. Nevermind, I figured out he was awake so now he is happy on the living room floor. And I'm raising my voice to the other two because they are up in the bathroom with water and tea cups and laughing and even though I told them "no water" - it doesn't seem to be working. 

Ok, that crisis evaded. Minimal water. Even felt sort of a mom-win for letting them get that far without getting crazy mad. 

Now Eli is whining for food. 

And now they are taking my notepad and writing A's because Annalee figured out how to draw A's and Eli took her pen so he could teach her to do it his way. "Mom, I need a piece of paper." We go through SO MUCH PAPER. Glad it's cheap and recyclable.

The littlest is beginning to fuss. 16lbs, 14ozs yesterday and 24 inches. That's why I wanted to write a blog post, to get that stat down. Heavy boy, so cute, and after over a week of up lots in the night, he's back to just one time eating. Praise be, this momma is a fan of sleep. 

Medicine is doing great at Greg's rash and mine is lessening with creams (praise be) and Annalee still has hers but doesn't care. She is THREE and fabulous. An older, very classy lady at the library called her "a cover girl" and said "real red heads are hard to find" and it "made my day" just to SEE Annalee peeking at her behind my legs. So how amazing that our girl can make someones day just by being cute?! And so very shy. 

"Mommy, I need paper. Mommy, I need three because I am three."

So much paper.

Fussing into crying. Must pick up Evan and potatoes are done. It's about that time. 

And the BEST part - I hear the garage door. Daddy is home!! 


Monday, October 3, 2016

Purple Party!

Annalee wanted to have "Alexia and Lilli" for her birthday party. And this mom listened, keeping it just family for her party (and one family over tomorrow as well). She loved her purple party yesterday! My introvert likes small groups of people she knows well. And she loves purple! Purple party fun!

She picked the menu - purple pancakes and regular eggs and bacon, purple (blueberry) yogurt, fruit (blueberries and black grapes) and purple drinks. And the yummiest purple cupcakes. We had a scavenger hunt and find the purple game and purple only coloring. Lots of things our girl loves!

Excited to celebrate her tomorrow as she turns three!!