Saturday, June 30, 2012

Business Trip.

Our wonderful man of the house left us for a few days this week to attend a conference for work in Chicago. He had an eventful trip... the flight was delayed three hours and when he finally arrived at his downtown hotel, they didn't have a room for him even though he had a reservation. He ended up sitting in the hotel lobby bar for a few hours until they found another hotel for him. After his taxi ride there and getting settled, he ended up getting only four hours of sleep that night.

Uff-da, right? Did I mention we considered having Eli and I join him for this trip? Imagine how stressful that would have been with a 14-month old! Thankful we decided against tagging along. His flight was also delayed two hours yesterday. Seriously, United gets one star in my book. Maybe no stars even, but definitely not five stars.

Oh and I should mention the hotel felt really bad. They gave him a awesome room the next day and a fruit basket. Nothing says a corporate "I'm sorry" like a fruit basket.

I made Greg take photos. Here are a few:

Ah, a real city.

Soldier Field... da Bears!

The view from his (final) hotel room... pretty awesome with Navy Pier in the background.

One person trips are bummers for taking photos, but Greg got smart here.
It was a good trip for him but we were so, so excited to have him back home. Thanks to our friends that helped me with Eli. Those breaks were a blessing and helped me make it through the few days without being totally burned out on mom-duty.

Happy Weekend!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This morning was a beautiful oh-so-glad-to-be-alive sort of morning. It felt like a ND summer. Sunny but cool with a perfect breeze. That doesn't happen too often here in June. On the suggestion of a friend, we skipped our weekly story time for some blueberry pickin'!

Now those of you that have never had a blueberry not from the supermarket... you have no idea what blueberries taste like. I honestly didn't think I really liked blueberries until a friend gave me a bag of them she had picked. I ate the whole bag. They taste so, so much better than anything I had ever had.

Eli is sampling our bounty (which isn't even all of it). I picked over six pounds of blueberries... and at $1.25/pound, only $7.30 worth. That doesn't even count all the ones we ate as we picked. Don't worry, they don't spray bad stuff on them so they are edible right off the bush. So, so good and way cheaper than buying that tiny little half-pint for $4.

And yes, Eli has a scratch/owie/booboo on his face. From his mama. I was about to pick him up, he looked, my thumb nail gouged his face... not pretty. Glad he still loves me.

Now on to finding a place to pick a peach off a tree... which I really want to do in my lifetime. And living in the state that produces more peaches than Georgia, well,  there is no better time than the present. Except I have to find some place that will actually let me come pick a peach legitimately, not just sell me one at their stand.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Going Somewhere?

Drumroll please...

In the spirit of travel week at the K home (Greg is flying to Chicago for 4 days of work conference fun), I am having a giveaway. With a first-place and second-place prize.

Oh goody goody, isn't that fun?

Well, maybe not. You'll have to fit a certain criteria to even want the prize.

Criteria? Wanting to make and complete a trip before mid-August. A trip that requires airfare.

Almost a year ago Eli and I had a not-so-pleasant time getting back home from Bismarck. We were stuck there a day, the next day they were on the phone telling me it was going to be yet another day, then not, then rushing to the airport with no time for luggage to make it... blah blah blah it stunk.

They gave me two flight vouchers. And I haven't used them... because I don't want to fly this airline unless I really have to... and joining Greg in Chicago this week isn't happening.

But the vouchers ARE transferable. Thus, my giveaway.

First Prize: a $250 voucher for travel on United
Second Prize: a $50 voucher for travel on United

They cannot be used together... otherwise I would have done a $300 one, silly.

The travel needs to be completed by August 13 in order for you to be able to use it. So I'm looking for folks that were planning on taking a trip anyway and are able to fly United. I want them to actually be used, so you have to tell me your plans for using them. Bonus points if your plans include coming to babysit Eli.

Note that this is an e-certificate so it's not able to be used for every flight lists (only official United flights). Actually there are 27 rules about the voucher. But if there is a will, there is a way.

E-mail me if interested. If you don't know my e-mail then you can comment here I suppose. But most everyone that reads this thing should know my e-mail address, eh?

And if you are in the windy city this week, join Greg for a Cubs game!


Saturday, June 23, 2012


For Father's Day, Eli did something special for his Daddy. He said "guitar". It's quite cute. It sounds like "guaaar" with a crackle German-inspired g sound. Eli enjoys watching and helping Greg play guitar. It's pretty sweet. I love seeing these two enjoy each other.

Eli and I bought a cheap pool for our porch and he had his first dip yesterday... because it is now SC hot. Like I-thank-God-everyday-for-airconditioning hot. And a little on the muggy side, too. So unless you have a reason, there will be no being outside just to be. Thus, a pool. And a cute swim trunk boy... don't you just want the rest of this sweet face to show up?

Leave 'em wanting more.


There, Am, you happy?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My friend gave me a micro SD card (those things are so small, I have no idea where are old one went). That means I finally got the photos from the last six months off my phone. Because yes, I do not have a fancy pants phone. Here are a couple of my favorites...

Most recently, Eli's face right when the wind hit. Hilarious:

The definition of scrunched:

Elephant ears I almost bought (but I restrained):

"I'll just take a little of this burger, Mom. It looks so, so tasty":

Moving walkways at airports = awesome:

I like to look at photos on my phone because it's a quick glance at how Eli has grown and changed in a few short months. I mean, he's getting to be a little boy!

Sadly, our boy got a cold and is all snot and sadness these days. So grateful for our muslin blankets that are his favorite soother (he likes to face plant into his blanket and have it smooshed up into his face) PLUS they absorb snot and tears so, so well. Definitely in my top ten loves for baby. Soft and they wash well. Worth every penny. Ours are here but I think this MN company is wonderful and their blankets are even better... sign up for emails and they will send you offers. Great baby gift.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

These Days.

The weather here has been unseasonably mild these past days and we have loved spending time out on the lawn, relaxing on a blanket. Eli likes to feel the wind in his face and scrunch his little nose. Ah, late spring. You are lovely.
"I love Ba" / ball time
Signing for "more"
Massive Kasowski hands are good for one-handed ball fun.
Still unsure of grass, figured out a way to minimize contact.
I told him the yogurt was all gone. This was his response.
Don't leave the little plastic piece out of the sippy cup. Good thing our carpet isn't new and good thing for Norwex!

Tonight we had a special event. One baby loss family had an event tonight honoring their son, Finn, who would have been two on Friday. They invited a few other families to join them in doing a candle lighting and balloon release. It was gorgeous out and such a sweet time. We so rarely have something on our schedule that is there because of Maelee. Oh how we miss our sweet girl and ache for her to be in the back seat with Eli.
Maelee's Balloon - the little heart represents our first baby (lost to ectopic pregnancy)

Eli wouldn't let his sister's balloon go...

I made this rainbow onesie for Eli to wear since he's our rainbow boy. I tried making it as manly as a rainbow can possibly be! I think it turned out darling.

My friend Heather told me this week how hard it was to see her rainbow boy swinging with two empty swings next to him, instead of his big twin sisters filling the seats. Then tonight I walked over to Eli swinging, wishing his sister was using up the other seat, too.
Oh but he had fun!
The first of, I daresay, many family photos with someone's finger in their nose. I think someone else got a better shot, hopefully.
Our Kasowski candle, lit in memory of our babies.

Ah, a good week.


Friday, June 15, 2012


It's good to know if we ever need a sub-in Dad for Eli, Uncle Andrew could do it and no stranger would question it. They may not be blood related, but they sure could fool ya if you didn't know.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Photos of Mom K.

With baby Greg
With baby Eli
We sure love you! Happy Birthday!

-Heather, Greg, Eli

Classic Silver.

It's the little things.

When my friend Rachel said my necklace was on etsy, my very necklace, I smiled but I forgot to look until this morning. What a happy moment! To see my sweet girls name, her birthdate on a site not my own. Oh man, that makes this mama happy.

I didn't know the site I ordered the necklace from over a year ago would use it for advertising. I've worn it most every day since I got it. It's a little worse for the wear on the back, but it has held up well. But the fact that anyone shopping on etsy in this store can see Maelee's name and birthdate...that's just awesome.


Have I mentioned how one of the BEST things you can do for a baby loss mom is to get her jewelry with her baby's name on it or birthstone? It really is better than giving flowers, in my opinion.

Monday, June 11, 2012

12th, 14th, 16th.

This is mad week of birthdays at our home. Well, not so much since our families aren't close by... but if they were, oh man would our bellies hurt from too much cake!

Happy 35th to my big sister (yesterday)... Happy big 3 to our sweetest John John (today)... Happy you-still-look-really-really-good to my mowther-in-law (wednesday)... Happy he's-way-older-than-me 31st to our bro-in-law (friday)... Happy too-far-away 35th to our sister-in-law (sunday)... and rounding it out with my holy-crap-I'm-old 30th in a week.

That leaves the 12th, 14th and 16th open for non-birthday activities. Actually, I'd like to fill those up with family birthdays if I could. I like things to be completed. It just feels good. If you have a birthday on that day and are a single female, I may just arrange a marriage for my bro-in-law. I'm sure he'd appreciate that meddling. Perhaps the Browns (or I daresay us) could try for a kiddo on these days. Hum, I just passed over into extreme type-A. Must stop trying to complete.

Anywho, as Gus Gus would say... "bduh duh duh Happy Burthday!"... such a good movie, right?


Friday, June 8, 2012


Eli had his first x-rays today. Let's hope he rarely (or never!) has to have x-rays in his life. He did great though, the nurse called him "quite inquisitive" as he observed everything in the room.

Thankfully everything with his weird popping knee turned out normal! The doctor thought it could be disc uh blah blah blah (I don't remember, it started with disc) which could require surgery when he's older but after his x-rays, she didn't see signs of that now. She said something about kids' ligaments changing or aren't as solid (okay, she used better medical terminology) so that's most likely the reason for the popping. She wants to see him in three months to make sure he's walking by then and double check that there are no problems. Our little man is just fine and I am thankful!

I also had the doctor check his head and she said it looks great (it's a little flat on one side). But hey, I knew we were paying a $55 co-pay so by golly, I was going to ask any question I could! I'm pretty sure Eli could have gotten away with anything at that office, the ladies were in love with him!

Now to reassure all you doting family members, here are some photos of Eli I just took, proving he is just a-okay:
Big boy!
He's smiling because I am playing This Little Piggy on his toes, a loved activity of his.
AND I am even going to post another video that I took an hour ago. He loves guitars and loves music so it makes sense that he can bust a move if need be. Here's the link:


Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Eli knows a few words. And by few, I mean three. There are at least a quarter of a million distinct words in the English language (thanks Google) so these three Eli has chosen must mean a good deal to him.

One of his few words is ball. It's his very favorite thing. If you ask Eli "where is your ball?", he will gladly find one for you. And usually he will say "ba" when he finds it and clap for himself on his great accomplishment of finding said ball. He will usually bite the ball, too. If Eli's up for it, he'll roll it around or toss the ball. And no, I haven't figured out if he's got Greg or my athletic talent (for his sake, oh let him be just like his daddy!).

In honor of Eli's favorite toy, I am posting this video taken almost a month ago when we were in Minnesota. Ava (who is seven months older than Eli) and Eli were "playing ball". You can see Eli biting/licking the ball and eventually Ava copying him, realizing that when you play ball with Eli, that's part of the game. Funny kids.

I didn't want to make the video public, so here's the link to watch it:


PS - I would post more videos but they take a long time to upload and I find that annoying. Sorry.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Chicken is to the South what beef is to the Midwest.

This was my epiphany today. As a resident of South Carolina for five years, I can say with confidence that they know what they are doing with a chicken. I don't think they have anything on the cows of the Midwest but they sure got good chick'un. They have loads of chicken farms around so I guess chickens like it hot and humid. I am sure glad, however, that we live in the city and not in a rural area downwind from a chicken farm.

From our house in less than one measly mile you can find FOUR fast food places dedicated solely to chicken: Bojangles, KFC, Church's and Chick-fil-A. This doesn't account for the three other places that may not be only chicken places but you can still get yourself some fried chicken. That's a lot of chicken in a very close proximity. Growing up, all I ever knew of fried chicken was KFC. I didn't know there were other chicken chains... I had so much to learn.

Everyone's got their favorites, I suppose, but if we are heading out for a fast food chicken meal (which isn't too often) we would choose either Chick-fil-A or Zaxby's. If you aren't from around here and find yourself in the South needing a quick meal, choose one of these.

Chick-fil-A is the best fast-food place ever. It really is the best. Now KFC is alright, but they didn't invent the chicken sandwich. Their waffle fries just make me happy (my love of fries deserves it's own post).

And a little over a mile from our house in different directions are two Zaxby's restaurants (they are a little nicer chicken place). It is one of Greg's favorite restaurants, complete with their own unique dipping sauce that I didn't like at first but now can't eat there without. Definitely worth trying out if you have never been.

I just typed this and not surprisingly, I am in the mood for chicken.

Too bad there isn't an event going on that we have to go to... because there is always fried chicken at events. I love our church's get-togethers because I'm always guaranteed a good piece of chicken.


PS - I did not talk about sit-down chicken places because I have not frequented them enough to have an opinion. I am certain, however, that you can find the best fried chicken in the world somewhere down here. And it just may be in my neighbor's mother's aunt's house. I can almost taste it.