Thursday, July 31, 2014

Days of Our Lives.

Some images from our lives this week:

Across the street from us where there are no houses yet. Love this hand-me-down stroller from the Olsons! 
"These are Grandpa's glasses..." 
Grammy likes to give sink baths - our new sink is deep!
My mom's aunt (she married my Grandpa Ray's brother) turns 100 years old today! She happens to live in Bismarck ON HER OWN and still has all her faculties. Amazing. We visited when she was still 99 two days ago. She just loved Annalee's hair. You can read an article the paper did on her and see sweet photos here:
Happy Birthday Auntie Vala!

She's short!

Thanks for all your help, Grammy & Grandpa Lloyd! Come back soon!!
Photos I should add are ones from a quick visit from my Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Don. And a photo of our whiny, not-transitioning-so-well Eli...


Sunday, July 27, 2014

No Net.

We are without internet in Mr House until we decide we can't take it any longer or the 3G slowness gets to us or our data is maxed... we shall see how long we last. It'll be cause for less updating on my part, though I've been way less online this last year anyway. This has been mostly for the good but I do miss my Pinterest meal planning and commenting on actual friends' photos (y'all's babies are cute!) and other keeping in the loopness. 

We had our first weekend home just us four, still trying to unpack and settle in as best we can with two unfinished floors, a few key furniture pieces needing to be bought, a long wish list, and no baby gate yet. But we will get functional this week I hope. Just get me a few more days with Grammy around! 

For the record, this is AWESOME! Love having our own space! Come on over! Seriously. And a house warming party will be had for any of you able to come. In August!?!

More not soon...but eventually. Or when I'm on wifi next:)


Sunday, July 20, 2014


Thank you Lord!

Can you spot the portapotty? Or the Grammy? 


Move It.


Moving in is hard work but so worth it! So thankful for friends and family that helped us move our belongings! 


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


This last week has been nothing short of wacky. A real crazy week that involved four beds in four nights, two different bug scares and resulting cleaning frenzy, a fun Kasowski family reunion in Buffalo, my parents arriving in town, a “there’s no way the house will be done by Thursday” thought to “yes, it will be done!” and lastly, some sickness and infections due to stress. I may be going slightly bonkers.

BUT Lord willing, TOMORROW IS THE DAY! We should be closing on our home in the late afternoon and then filling a moving truck with our stuff, begging the few young men we know here to help unload and we shall be *finally* in our own space again, just shy of the year mark living with Greg’s parents. Holy buckets, that’s a long time.

My in-laws have been beyond gracious to us, letting us overtake their home and never giving them a break. We are so indebted to them for their sacrifice this last almost-year. Thank you, Mom and Dad K, for all you’ve been and given to us this year. We couldn’t have done this move without you. I can’t wait for you to have your home back and for you all to have a breather, you so deserve one. I am glad for all the memories and I anticipate many, many great stories in the years to come. Save my wise FIL, none of us saw it lasting this long. It is only by God’s grace that we have survived and that we still like each other! I’m excited to finally live in the same town as them but not the same house! It’ll be more how we envisioned it a year ago.

Wow. One year ago we were packing up SC and we had no idea what this next year would hold (we might not have moved had we known!). The move, the foot, the unknown of Annalee’s birth outcome, her extreme fussiness, our SC house taking a big hit then finally selling, to the building process continual delays… what a year. Praise the Lord we have our daughter here and her story is just that much more interesting because of all this! Oh Annalee, you are almost out of the storage room, honey!

I know the next weeks will still be insane as we unpack and get settled. Plus we will be in a construction zone for who knows how long and I’m sure that’ll drive me batty for a while, too. (The road next to us isn’t even built yet, for goodness sakes). But just having room to breathe will be such a gift. Cooking in my kitchen! Using my own stuff! Potty training! Having my MIL over for coffee! I’m so looking forward to our space and I do hope never to take it for granted.

More soon as this becomes official and we start moving and unpacking.


PS – My public service announcement for the day: do not let a bird nest near your house, like under your deck. It’s a bad, terrible idea. Even if you think it’d be fun for your grandkid to see those little birdies hatch. Because there are these nasty hard-to-identify things called bird mites that will cause much stress and work and laundry going for two days straight. Just don’t.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

On Our Toes.

I wish I could easily post a video on here. Annalee was pushing The Beast around like a walker earlier today. I'll try post on Instagram later. She keeps us on our toes, this girl. I left her playing in the living room and found her like this:
Climbed up into the bumbo reaching for toys. Then later tonight she ate dirt. Probably quite a bit even though Greg and I worked hard with the hose to wash her mouth out. She seemed to love it. Did I mention last week she ate green pepper? I'll tell ya, this girl. 

We love her and I'm happy for all the fun she adds to our life. Though I pray her spitfire-ness will be channelled for good... 

-Her Mom

Saturday, July 5, 2014

9 Month Cutie.

Happy 4th guys.
The above is the only pic where you can read the words on her shirt from yesterday... the others all have her hands in the way as she was trying to grab at daddy and Lilli and Eli (who were all trying to get her to smile for me). But we did it! 9 months old on July 4th.


Friday, July 4, 2014


Family fun is here again. We REALLY wanted to be in our new house by now. That was the plan especially with extra family coming to town for the holiday. New closing date (and surely this will be it, please) is the 17th. Until then we will keep overtaking my in-laws. We'll be packed in like sardines. But we'll be making memories. Right? Yes. 

Grandma was going to rest. Then this happened. 
Last night some of the crew went camping on the river (nice and close, just a ten minute drive). We went out just for a bit and enjoyed Uncle Chris' extravagant spending on fireworks. Super fun. Finding the parachutes was one of my highlights as a kid and will be for Eli too:
Parachute Hunters

Happy 4th!