Friday, July 29, 2016

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Grandma says his looks are changing. He is becoming Evan how we will recall him always.

He was 11lbs, 8.8ozs today and 22 and a quarter inches long - growing three pounds and two inches since birth six weeks ago. He's growing and changing!

Best part is the non-sleep smiles he gives and the tiniest babble beginning!

Within one minute, so many expressions!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Happy Place Visit.

We have been blessed with four kids. 
Evan's first time at Maelee's grave. 
Love the Grands!

Thursday, July 21, 2016


My parents, myself and all the kids went on a quick overnight trip to Crosby. Annalee loved the fields of flax because they are purple, her absolute favorite! So we stopped by one field just to take a few photos with my phone. 


Our internet has been down all week so minimal posting until they get it fixed. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

One Month - elk.

Evan Lloyd is one month old! Four weeks have passed since he entered the world. What joy! It's a sleep-deprived joy, but still joy!
My friend gave me these tie-month stickers. Evan was cranky when I was hoping to take pics today.
I took loads of photos like left but there was ONE happy one! Win! 
I'd like to write updates about him, but he seems to change daily and seems quite unpredictable. For now, here's a few consistent Evanisms (some same as a few weeks ago but will record here as well):

1. He burps and farts loudly. Loudly. I think this stems from his not-ideal latch so he gets more air. Regardless, he blows (literally) his siblings out of the water for extremes here.

2. He started spitting up the last few days. Nothing projectile, but we will use our burp cloths well. Thankfully he isn't screaming in pain when he is spitting up.

3. I may be feeding him too much and creating a monster. He does love to fall asleep at the food-source (me). I really tried the eat-wake-sleep pattern for a few days but it was exhausting. The little stinker.. I told myself I'd start trying again at one month... but maybe I'll wait a few more days, eh? In any case, he is often, way too often, in a milk coma.

4. He loves his car seat! Yippee!

5. I'd say in the last week he wakes up twice to eat in the middle of the night. He usually goes back to sleep without any issues, as long as we keep him upright for a bit. He uses the very pink rock-n-play of his sisters to sleep in unless I can get a good burp out of him, then he can lay flat in his crib. He did have a couple long six hour stretches the week before but alas, that was not a routine to keep.

6. He wears size one diapers. He was 9lbs, 10ozs last Wednesday so my guess is he is near 11 pounds. Growing and gaining well, even with his sub-par latch.

7. He prefers sleeping on his side or stomach, if I had to guess. We put him on his back but he seems to prefer pressure on his stomach. He needs to be swaddled for him to get into a deep sleep.

8. He is still just focused on eating and sleeping but I have seen him grin in sleep often (way more than his siblings ever did). He has A DIMPLE and it is amazing.

9. I wouldn't say he is crazy content baby but he is no Annalee! We do have a binkie we are giving him because he is a sucker, oh yes, he has a super duper suck.

10. He does have a short femur bone but his torso is long, and his hands are big. Hoping still for Daddy's height genes!

11. He's got the same little hairy spot on top of his ear like Eli did.

12. He's given many folks baby fever.

I so need to write his birth story, print off photos of him to hang, etc. Basically, I still have some steps to get us showing we have him in our lives! I'll get there!

Thanks for sharing in our joy this last month!

Evan, I love you!

Evan - one month old today 7/14/16. 
-His Mom

Bye Bye Birdie!

We bought a new laptop last year. The Dell we got early in our marriage served us well. We bought a nice but not spendy Toshiba. It's fast, flimsy and just fine for our not-too-often plus we-have-smartphones-and-computers-at-work useage. But we don't have Photoshop (or Office) on here so my ability to do fun things is limited. Also, let's be real, my talent in Photoshop is limited. In any case, in order to add Evan's name to my blog header graphic that I did back in the day, I need Photoshop. Cranking up the old Dell isn't going to happen today. So until then... this will do! Just know I miss our Maelee birdie up there, just as I miss her in my day-to-day life!


PS - How about my amount of blogging! Don't worry Evan, I'm recording your life online for you to be shocked and freaked out about in a few years.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I'm Mom.

I was never really into babies or kids growing up. I knew I wanted to have kids but it wasn't really my forte. I was a terrible babysitter. And me doing daycare would be a nightmare! God has given these blessings of kids, however, and He is given me responsibility to parent them, raise them, pray they love Him and love people. Ideally I won't screw up too badly most days.

Glad they call me Mommy/Mama/Mom and grateful for every (crazy, full and often overwhelming) day I get with them!
I caught a sleepy smile! 
Her first time with painted toes. I actually enjoyed painting her tiny toes! 
From the 4th - To show he (and I) don't always smile.
This boy needs quality time. And sometimes that means not vacuuming and playing with apps. 
Learning how important it is to give kids focused time, listening to them and their cares.

-Mom of these

Monday, July 11, 2016

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Getting There.

Baby Evan. 
Feeding this little man is getting better. It is not perfect. His latch is still not as it should be. Evan has about three tell-tale bad latch signs yet. However, I think he's growing into his mouth and we will get there. Or I will become numb to it! For now, I am glad the pain is less. Knowing this is my last baby to nurse helps too!

He was 9lbs 10ozs when I stopped by my work yesterday (conveniently located where the well baby clinic is once a week). So he is gaining fine at three weeks old.

I tried a few days of getting him on the eat-wake-sleep cycle but it was too much work trying to keep him awake during/after feedings. I'll try again in a week or so when he's not so zonked all the time. I can tell we really MUST get him there because if not, the kid will use me as a pacifier until the end of time. Uffda!

Other Evan-isms for this first few weeks:

1. He burps loudly and farts louder! It's quite amusing to us that he is so loud. It makes me wary on how extreme he will be at these tasks when he is a teenager!

2. He is sleepy. He likes sleep. As long as he's fed and gets at least one burp in, he will slumber. He sometimes eats every three hours at night but he will sometimes give me one long stretch too. No method to his nighttime madness yet. That's okay.

3. He likes me best. Good thing too since I do spend a crazy amount of time with him compared to anyone else! I got an awake quick grin. I'll take it.

4. He doesn't mind his car seat. That bodes well for our trip this weekend.

5. He sleeps in a rock-n-play handmedown from Annalee (so pink) most of the time but when I know he's burped well he lays flat in the crib or floor. I think he prefers his side to sleep if I had to guess.

6. Daddy will put him on his stomach on his arm and shove a binkie in his mouth to try calm him when it is not time to eat yet but he's screaming. It works.

7. He will probably like a binkie since he's such a strong sucker. Or maybe we will have a thumb sucker in our midst. I tried not giving him a pacifier but that went out the window when I realized I was becoming one.

8. He's done really well meeting a variety of relatives and friends and coworkers. He has given many baby fever and satisfied the baby-sniffing folks around town.

All for now!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Eli is over the moon happy giddy about his brother. He loves that "his head is so warm and he's so squishy".  I have to tell him to get his face away from Evan's face all the time. He adores this baby and has been such a good big bro. 

May they always find joy in each other!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016