Wednesday, April 27, 2016


We celebrated Eli turning five a few days early on Saturday. I did not go crazy party planning so you all can be shocked and amazed. We still had a great party with all of Eli's requests: flashlights, tacos and ice cream. Add in a super cool scavenger hunt and a sort of lame dark dance, a few friends and family and a spoiled kid getting presents, and you have our party!

OSHA would not approve of that ladder safety.

I made a "5" sign using words to describe Eli. Super fun to do, took only 20 minutes, highly recommend as a quick but big impact decor. 

Here was the birthday boy with his R2-D2 sticker he got at school yesterday. 

He's 5!

And with his dad at McDonald's, his requested birthday supper. Not my favorite, but at least he ordered an orange!
Love these men.
He truly is a joy. I love you, Eli Joseph! 


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