Wednesday, December 14, 2016

ELK - Six Months.

Our sweet baby is half a year old!

And because he thought he should help this tired mama to remember, he did two milestones this morning: popped his second tooth and rolled over from his tummy to back (first tooth and rolling from back to tummy happened earlier). What a baby!

look at these thighs!

He won't have his six-month well baby check until the first week in January but he's got to be getting close to 20 pounds. Heavy baby!

What else!? He smiling often. Still doesn't sit up on his own. Loves milk. We tried feeding avocados mixed with my milk but he was not a fan and had quite the gag reflex. Hope to try brown rice cereal soon. He has dry skin issues, sadly. The other two didn't ever have that this early. Evan is working on a schedule and will hopefully fill me in on what that is soon. He giggles at Eli's antics and smiles at his sister. I'm still the favorite. He wears six month size but also 9-12 month items (long torso, sort legs, round!). Its crazy cold so I'm happy with all footed items to keep him snug. He is happy if he's full, usually. He will take a bottle when I'm not around. He likes to lay on the play mats and bat at the toys. He will give me one longer stretch at night, usually. He likes toys that he can put in his mouth and scrunch and play with. His car seat pull toy is a favorite. He loves sitting in the high chair and watching the rest of us. He babbles cuteness often.

Evan Lloyd, you are a joy! We are exiting the baby baby phase and entering into the "wow, look what you can do now!" stage. I love to snuggle you close, breath in and exhale happily being your mama. I kiss your side forehead fifty times a day. I love to say "Hi Evan!" when I come into your room to see you... or sometimes "Hi bubs!" "Hey Bubba" or "Good Morning Evan Bedevan!"

You are currently pooping one of the longest, loudest occurrences in your lifetime as I type this. Oh bud, here we go again to change your cute bum.


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