Sunday, August 20, 2017

Eli is Going to School.

Eli starts first grade on Thursday. I love back to school season but I don't think he's embraced it like I had. He's just going with the flow. Decently excited for school but not overly so, but that also means he's not anxious. He's going to have a big class and I'm hopeful he'll manage all that well, ideally making some solid friends.

He often says the number 155 when coming up with some random scenario. "What if 155 flies came..."

He still smooshes Evan every morning and multiple times a day, getting into his space, calling him goo or a host of other non-name nicknames.

He has grown this summer. The pants that were a tash too big at the end of winter are now perfect.

He likes baseball but would like just being really good without practicing. He also likes running but I'm afraid he may have a bit of exercise induced asthma to contend with down the road. So far very minimal.

He's playing so well with his sister. They are good friends and occasionally enemies. He is her protector and her entertainment and her tormentor. Sharing is hard but good and they like to play together until one of them decides they want "alone time".

He likes legos, especially the dudes, and he is imaginative with scenes for them.

He likes reading and I LOVE TO HEAR HIM READ RANDOM SIGNS and peek in on him reading a book to Annalee or himself out loud.

He listens and remembers. This is mostly good, like how he remembers even obscure Bible stories we tell him and lessons he learns at church. But sometimes his remembering isn't ideal for me!

He's content with home life. He doesn't need to be going and going and going. He likes to be entertained by a screen but I limit that decently well.

He goes to the bathroom without assistance (most times), he brushes his teeth on his own (with our occasional help to make sure he's doing a decent job), often remembers to put his dishes by the sink, and is starting to help out more. I CAN SEE THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT for us!

Yet HE STILL LOOOOOVES quality time with his parents. He loves to snuggle with me and he's a sappy little boy with his mama. He loves any time he gets with Greg doing the little things they love (watching Dude Perfect or legos, or playing monster or reading). He still thinks we are cool and wants to be seen with us.

He is sheltered. He doesn't know about swear words or sex or all the shitty things happening in the world around us. We tell him about the bad, or a lightened version, but he's got no frame of reference for so much of it. We tell him God is in control of everything so hopefully when he begins learning about the bad stuff, he will be able to see it from the worldview and perspective we are teaching him.

He's all about the star wars, though we try tone it down so it's not all consuming his little six year old mind.

He is still the snack monster and is well aware when 10 and 3 hit and he can indulge in yogurt or crackers or fruit or toast or cookies or if I'm feeling it, fruit snacks.

Eli Joe, I love you. You are a joy, a sweet spirited son. I'm amazed I get to be your mom!


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