Saturday, February 14, 2015


I worked full-time last week (thus no blogging). It went fine but I am glad I have this part-time gig and we can manage it this way right now. With little ones, it sure is nice to not have to rush out of the house every single morning. It was also great to have the China crew back in town and my sweet sister-in-law to cook for us a few nights!

Eli's first scenery photo he took with my phone...

Saturday we had Valentines for our sweethearts. And Eli has been playing with his Lego fireman ever since! My parents (and sister) always gave me something special on Valentines Day and I remember that feeling of being loved... so I'm going to keep that tradition going. Plus, you know, I really like buying gifts. 

Happy ValemtiMes Day (that's how Mr. Eli says it)!


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