Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hear That?

My house, well two floors of it, is sparkling clean. I didn't leave the house for two days. Last week I had a breakdown and it showed me that my inner soul must have clean and order at least SOME of the time in order for me to feel refreshed. I have been able to live with a certain amount of chaos, oh my have we had a bit of uncertain chaos in the last few years, but I will inevitably hit a wall and crave order. The wall came last week. Too much dirt and clutter and that we-have-lived-here-a-year-and-I-don't-know-where-to-put-band-aids unsettled feeling, it clung to me and I felt a bit trapped.

Friday night Greg took the kids camping and to hang out with Chris and Lilli. I have never had overnight time in my house to myself without the kids. I *almost* wish I didn't have projects up the wah-zoo! I did spend some time reading a book club book so that was a few hours of total rest after hours and hours of cleaning and scrubbing and laundry and organizing.

I wish I could say it's done but we live in this UN-finished house still with dirt instead of lawn. Oh and we have two adorable littles so the reality is mess is here to stay! But for now, I feel much more calm and able to approach messy life.

So every now and again, this girl just needs some quiet, Norwex, her machines (washer/dryer/vacuum), sharpies and post-its, a plan, a book, and a weekend. Happy sigh.


PS - I am excited for my three to come home, make it loud and (slightly) messy again around here. Life with them is so much more full.

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