Friday, August 21, 2015

Niece Love.

We have a handful of nieces (girl cousins for our kids)... of course we are smitten with them all. And all but one has a birthday in July, August, or September!

July 23 - Miss Ali, now 9 (and looking so like her mom!)
August 2 - Miss Alexia Maelee now the big 2! We had such fun at her GOLDEN birthday!
Halfway around the world, missed and loved!
August 26 - Miss Marian will be 8! (oh Vivi Hope, too, the only March birthday girl)
September 7 - Miss Lilli will be 8 (and she will be the first to say how excited she is for her parties and gifts)!
September 23 - Miss Ava Maelee will be 5 (and what a fun girl!) 
To each of you, we love you much and want you to know you are treasured, adored, and blessed. Don't waste life worrying about what others think, just care what God thinks. Life isn't always easy but it's always beautiful. You are loved dear ladies!

-Auntie H

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Jill K said...

This is a sweet bunch of girls!! So much fun for summer birthdays all together!! Thanks for your lovely post for them.... and for all you share here to make you feel a tiny bit closer. We love you so!