Sunday, September 13, 2015

Grand Day 2015.

I am saddened by the fact my paternal grandparents died while I was so young. Man, some of my cousins had so.many.years with them and I was less than a year old when my grandfather passed and only nine when my grandma passed away.

And really I was too focused on myself to take time to really know my maternal grandparents before it was too late.

Damn being the youngest.

Yet I am grateful I married into having three awesome living grandparents to know, missing out only on knowing Greg's grandpa by a couple years.

And this grandparents day, I am especially glad our kids have four wonderful people to call their grandparents. A strong heritage is something to be celebrated! And what a gift, truly, that each of them are present in our lives.

Happy Grandparents Day!

These four are Eli's grandparents, too, but you know I just don't have those all nice and posed like I had these from June!


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