Thursday, May 26, 2016


This may be the weirdest parenting brag ever. Yes I'm certain.

Greg worked many, many hours in the last years producing a documentary at work. Titled Essence of Healing: Journey of American Indian Nurses. It follows the stories of 14 American Indian nurses from around ND/SD. It's very well done. You can see the preview here or check out their facebook page to view photos from the premiere (which we had to miss as it was held the same day as my cousin's wedding in MN).

It's a great video. I finally got to watch it in full and I'm thrilled to say my daughter is in it!

And not the one you assume. Many of the nurses, when asked "what's the hardest part about being a nurse", mentioned fetal demise. Since they covered a wide variety of their experiences, including difficulties in their jobs and the spiritual aspect of being native, they had a piece in the documentary about these nurses caring for families of babies that have died. Greg then used a photo of Maelee to accompany that part in the story. 

My baby is in a movie. Yes, quite odd but it's powerful. I'm happy to share to the world that she existed.

Greg didn't tell me about this so that I could be surprised when I finally saw the film and surprised seeing Maelee in it for a short clip. So sweet! I'm proud of him doing SO MUCH work on this very meaningful film. He's such a great worker and a great dad to even our girl in heaven. 


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