Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Flag Day or not.

At my Tuesday appointment we scheduled induction for Tuesday, June 14. I'll be 38 weeks and that was a good date to fill in our birthday week. 

A few hours after that I got the call that my platelets went low again so that could really mean a sooner induction anyway. So much for making plans!

I have felt much more pregnant and pressure and readiness to deliver this go round than any before at this point. On the flip side, I feel much less prepared with the baby's things and room and practically readying our lives for a little being... YET without being overly concerned about that fact! Heather in the past would never believe Now Heather wouldn't have those drawers filled or figured out where the going-home outfit is hiding out. 

I am glad Grammy is coming this weekend so she can work her magic in his room and the big sibling room, too. 

And for the fact that nothing really matters except meeting this guy however the Lord has planned. 


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