Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Month Two ELK.

His two month pic, taken at Blackduck MN.
Two Month Evanisms (I started writing when he hit that two month mark. It's taken me awhile to finsih, oi!).

1. I call him "Evan Bev-in" sometimes. I call him "Bubba" occasionally. Eli calls him "Ewhen" when he's being overly affectionate. Greg will break out "Buddy" if he is using a nickname. And Annalee just calls him "Baby Evan".

2. He has spit up more these last weeks than ever before. The week at Blackduck (with a crappy coin washing machine) he spit up on most every piece of clothing he or I had. So much puke! Thankfully he's not in too much discomfort about it all. But he really needs to burp well or it comes out like a fountain. He arches his back and forces his way backwards so I'm sure he has some reflux he's dealing with too. This means I have him sleeping upright much of the time.

3. He smiles when you acknowledge him and he responds so well to a happy "hi!!" - though he better be fed else he may just be screaming and think a "hi" is lame. He has a very pronounced brow-line (thanks, Daddy genes) and he often looks confused or upset or concerned but when he's happy, it's all gumless smiles and dimples and melt-your-heart-ness.

4. Along with that, he will talk and coo to you and respond with adorableness to the extreme! I love hearing him try talk and he'd probably do it more if I could focus on just him more!

5. Evan still has a slightly shallow latch but I'm used to it and the pain is minimal, thankfully. He loves to eat. He would always fall asleep attached to me if I'd let him. He will also take a bottle (has taken a handful this week) so it's looking like my hope of him doing both is being fulfilled! This is huge! Imagine me dancing all sort of joy here.

6. When eating he makes little noises: contented moans and rhythmic sighs and sippy gulps. I don't want to forget those. 

7. His eyelashes either grew longer or just darker this week but I sure noticed them. Light but long!

8. Still does well in his car seat! In fact, at his PT appointment for his head issues, she recommended he sleep in there if needed to get him off his beloved right side.

9. He is starting to look towards a toy and be interested in them. I feel like this is a major turning point in being less newborn and more baby. 

10. The last weeks have found him often with daddy in the babyBjorn - he loves facing out and chilling out that way. He is not as much a fan of the moby wrap.

11. He is finding his hands, looking at them longingly, occasionally making it to his mouth. It's sweetness, folks.

12. He has this tiny tiny line on the tip of his nose. Has since birth, I noticed it his first day. I kept thinking it'd go away but it hasn't. I don't want to forget that, either.

13. Sleeping is hit or miss. A few nights he went loooong stretches for me! To 6am once! Others he is still up every three-to-four hours. I think we were heading in a great direction with sleeping until the dreaded HAT came in the picture. He just does not sleep as soundly with that thing on his head, pushing him away from the right side his head so desperately wants to go towards to slumber off. Oh, that "made it 'til 6am" night? I took off the hat.

14. He hasn't been weighed in awhile but I'd guess he is in the 14 pound range. Getting BIG. 

15. His eyes are blue, of course, and just like Eli's, when he wears blue, they sure do shine!

Today with my dad:

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