Sunday, September 11, 2016

Five of Us.

Sometime this summer, after I made sugar cookies because I was craving them, Greg had told me he liked them because they aren't overly sweet. So when his birthday came I thought "I'll make him cookies!". It took me six days but I did, finally, make them! 36 and 6 days is also to be celebrated, right? In my defense, his mom always makes him an apple pie (sweet, eh?) so he got a nice dessert on his actual birthday. In any case, Greg had a birthday and now he is closer to 40 than 30.

I've been back to work some. I put in my notice that I'm done in October. My position is wildly different than it was before, with my sweet elder program being cut most likely, and I just don't have the heart for it. That along with not having our amazing daycare situation means it's not worth it to work. Greg's cousin's wife and the grandparents have been watching the kids for the few days I've been in, praise be. I've yet to make it a full week and any moms that leave an almost three-month baby and other kids and get everyone out of the house and pump and not explode and keep a house running... uffda. I'm looking forward to a relaxed schedule. I'm not looking forward to having to pay for health insurance. I'm looking forward to just nursing Evan and not having to pump (but hallelujah hands that he will take a bottle!). I'll miss my coworkers and the really great work I was doing and I'll for sure miss job sharing. Me quitting may possibly mean a downsizing move for us, too. We'll see. In any case, this chapter of working part-time and staying home part-time is soon over (minus me possibly doing some PRN). It was downright amazing the past two-and-a-half years though!

Eli still tolerates school. He doesn't love it but he doesn't hate it. He is brave. He tried hot lunch one day! He remembers a few other kids' names. His favorite class is recess and "go noodle" dancing fun. He made his first "book" with drawings and it's just so darn sweet. He is tired at the end of the day and seems a bit more ornry but not as much behavior change as I was expecting. He still LOVES snacks and is always on the hunt for them. He loves quality time and focused attention. He still loves legos and playing. And he loves to make people laugh. He's a great, affectionate, older brother.

Annalee is doing fine adjusting to Eli at school and being a big sister. Well, I think she is. She internally processes life so it's hard to know exactly what she's thinking. She's still our introvert but a crazy side of her is just under the surface. So.Much.Her.Dad! She still loves purple in any form (her purple third birthday party will be soon!) and likes to color. She loves books. She can play so darn well by herself. She has been baby-talking A LOT since Evan has been born. It drives me nuts and I must say "Talk like a big girl" a handful of times each day. Potty training is going to happen when she decides. I know enough about our dynamic not to try until that girl has it in her head. Hopefully soon, October is my ideal. She is definitely in a bit of a growth spurt. She's still tiny but oh, so mighty! I am looking forward to art classes and maybe even gymnastics with her this winter, since she's still too young for preschool.

Evan is AWESOME. His head is still misshaped so we are really trying to get him to put hard pressure on that left-side bump to reverse the damage done. He resists the left so much but we are hopeful. We tried Grandma's chiropractor this week and will keep doing that, loosening those ubber tight muscles. One day he will spit up a ton, the next not much. One night he will sleep super, the other he'll be up more often. He smiles and coos but also screams and looks crazy confused. He's wonderful but loads of work.

That's my family update.


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