Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Evan Bevin is ONE!

Happy Birthday baby boy! You surprised us and continue to bless us as the baby in the family. You are starting to grow out of baby status right into being a toddler! You are healthy, minus some nighttime congestion and a few colds this past year, we have been grateful not to deal with tiny-baby-is-sick. You are way attached to your mom, most likely because she doesn't leave you to go to work more than three hours this whole year! You like your dad second best and of course, you are a fan of your big siblings. You like to eat. And when you are hungry, you are not happy. Your favorites are carbs (just like big bro), and fruit and I know you would eat watermelon until you exploded. You are a mediocre sleeper. You stand on your own for bursts of time but minus one tiny step, you have not decided walking is cool. You crawl crazy fast, especially with this "flat tire" crawl where you sort of carry-drag your right leg. You are pulling up on most everything and peeking over, trying to see what you can grab. You recently began hating diaper changes and wanting to flip over but I'm being crazy stubborn and basically using my body weight so you can't and by golly, I think you are learning to stay put while I wipe your bumper. You poop lots every day so I know your digestive system is sure working. You like to wake up and eat around 4/5am but I think you are less into nursing during the day so I'm hoping we will be weaning soon. Problem is you have yet to master a cup, though you do like straws. This week you are super into your tongue and it's sticking out often. You like to say mama and daaa and maybe you say more and night night and bye but very much still baby versions of those that probably only parents swoon over. "He just said Dad!" Isn't that so cute???!" You are in 18 month size clothes but your pants 9-12 month because your legs are quite short and super chunky and for now, it's crazy cute. You are sure growing though! You keep us on our toes because you eat everything. I have fished way way too many items out of your mouth. You have eaten a good bit of crayon. So far you haven't ever choked - praise be to God! You also started chucking items off your high chair if you don't want them. Today I thought you were eating the blueberries but you tossed over half of them behind your head, down your back. I call you "little stinker" often. Also Bubs, Bubba, Boo, Evan Bevin, Baby Boy, Elkie, Bubbee and your siblings are really into Goo, Goobs, Goobee. I think Dad just calls you Evan.

I could/should try write more and make more than one looooong paragraph but mama needs to get stuff cleaned up from your birthday party. Okay? I know you'll understand. I love you, my sweetie.

And your siblings, they adore you too!


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