Monday, June 12, 2017

Party Round Up.

We celebrated Evan yesterday! A few days early 'cause Wednesday is a hard day for a party! Awhile back I decided we would do a "circle" party theme because he loves balls and I already had everything! It turned out quite adorable! We focused more on inviting family and many couldn't make it but we had Grandma and Grandpa K, the Browns, the Greats (Great Grandparents who came from Buffalo just for the party - how sweet!), and our neighbors Bruce, Jodi and their son Michael, and our further down the street neighbors/friends, Sam and the kids.
The invitation - he cooperated well for our photo shoot. 
My slippers from my costume box and Dad's socks fit the theme.
The birthday boy (with his circle "e" shirt I whipped up an hour before his party thanks to stitch witchery!) and his parents

I found these glasses in my costume box - awesomeness!
Grandma and Grandpa Kasowski AND The Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Kasowski!

Month-by-Month sticker ties (a serious Mom win that I kept that up each month) made such a cute display.
Bouncy balls, bubble rings, and pom-pom crafts for favors

Greg took a pic of some of the food! circle/balls only!
Pea pods = find the circle inside!

Greg took this photo and I think this is how the kids will remember me so I'm including it.
The crown lasted two seconds. Check out the reused "i am 1" from sister!
Much fun!

Our next door Wisconsin neighbors who will watch our kids for us occasionally and we do love them so!
These girls just cared more about playing in the dirt out back!

Opening presents, check out the tongue, a new thing he does!


He REALLY enjoyed smooshing his cupcake in his hands. It took him awhile to taste it, then he was quite thrilled and yelped loudly!
We sure love Great Grandmooother - isn't she a beauty?
Love these generations of Kasowski men.
Cousin Alexia is sure a fun one!
Evan, you are our baby and we have loved having you in our lives this last year. You are a joy, sweet boy.

 -ELK's mama

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