Thursday, November 20, 2014

Another Installment of Elisms.

This guy is hilarious. Sometimes he means to, other times he just is. Here are a few funny things he has said or continues to say:

  1. "When I was a little boy..." and then a story he either did experience or just made up. He sounds like he's been through a lot of years when he starts out this way.
  2. Breakfast totally sounds like "breast breast" - he can say it right he just defaults to this. 
  3. Instead of saying "I have to go to the bathroom" or "I have to poop", Eli says "I gotta get some poops out."
  4. He's into whatever is "the best" right now. Sometimes used interchangeably with favorite. Like red is his best color right now. "That's my best."
  5. "Can I have something other to eat?" - never something else.
  6. "I'm proud of you Mom" - one night last week out of the blue. 
  7. "How was your day, Dad?" - he will sometimes ask this while we are eating. In a darn adult-like way.
  8. "I'm still a little boy" when we ask him to do something he can't. 
  9. Last night he pronounced lasagna, "basagna" since he still has issues with his "l's" - ususally it comes out as a y-sound but tonight it was a b.  

And some random tidbits of Eli personality:
  1. He all-out hearty laughs OFTEN these days. 
  2. Poop/bathroom humor is now a thing for Eli. Oh dear. 
  3. Greg started a nightly tradition. He hides Eli's vitamin somewhere in his room before bed and gives Eli a clue to find it. He giggles loudly when he finds it.
  4. Eli prays the "abcdefg, thank you God for feeding me" prayer before each meal... even though mommy and daddy are super ready for a new thankful prayer to take it's spot.
  5. He will give kisses if someone gets hurt. Or if he's feeling especially grateful for something you did.
  6. Super annoying aspect of Eli now is he talks baby talk. Or growls. Either of those are not MY favorite.
  7. Eli and Greg watch this and mention it with a laugh often. 
  8. He has an amazing memory. Last week I mentioned our friend Dori and he said "Member Dori and the strawberry? We threw it in the bushes. That was funny, huh? And remember, then we were in her car." They did all that on the last day we were at our house in South Carolina.
  9. In relation, he has a great sense of direction. He knows which roads lead to certain places and will correct us if he thinks we are going the wrong way... or will pipe in "this is the way to church" or "this is not the way to Grandma and Grandpas".
  10. He has a fear of giant mosquitoes, we think. A few times he's had nightmares and he screams for us that he's scared... then mentions something about getting the mosquitoes. He's got a vivid imagination so I'm sure they are quite frightening. 
  11. He seems to have a sense of controlling excess. A few times now he's been offered something he already has (a piggy bank, candy) and he said "no, I already have one/some". Last week it was the doctor offering candy and he said no because we had some at home! Whoa!
  12. Eli loves to play "school" with Grandma. Loves it. Today he begged me to play so I went to his room and said we are going to study geography so we can learn about the world. Eli said "yeah like India." (No idea how he learned about India) and I said "yes! can you name another country?". He responded: "South Carolina." Um, not quite their own country!
  13. The boy still loves his blankies. They are the one thing he loves more than all else.
What a hoot!

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