Sunday, November 16, 2014

Go Zoo.

In South Carolina we used to go to the zoo often. Looking back I wish we would have gone ALL THE TIME because it was really so fantastically special and only a 10 minute drive from our house!!!

I need to move photos from our computer to our external hard drive (before the computer crashes and we lose all of Annalee photos). And so I started working on deleting and filing. And that lead me to the first week in December 2012. And these lovely outside photos and I'm groaning here in the single digit weather with wind and snow... oh Lord help us stay sane!

We went to the zoo that day and I took a photo with Eli and the koala. I did that almost every time we went to the zoo. A sort of tradition, as you will. The koalas were my favorite because they had their own temperature controlled building. It smelled like eucalyptus, not poop or anything animally. And they were just fun to watch, even sleeping. And they are cute, y'all. I miss them. Anyway, someday I will make Eli a photo collage with all his Riverbanks Zoo koala photos.

Cola friends, you must go the zoo for me, okay? GO enjoy the heck out of all the amazing animals, green flowering plants, elephants, giraffes and their crazy tongues, and the tiger that rarely comes out, the lorakeets you can feed so they'll land on your head, the flippin' awesome fish you can watch, and especially the koalas. OH MY GO! It's truly so cheap and such an amazing zoo.


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