Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Married Friend.

Since junior high, I've had a friend with a sweet southern name (Jillmarie). I don't have too many friends from back in the day, but she's one of them. We sometimes don't talk for months and months, but we are still incredibly comfortable around each other.

She lived in upstate SC for a few years while we lived in Columbia (how random is that to have us North Dakotans living in SC at the same time?). She's nomadic and independent at heart, this one. This nice guy and her have been on again, off again (the off being all on her not-wanting-to-commit part) for awhile but he was wise and told her he was coming to visit her and her family over Christmas. The moment he got off the plane, she was set and they were married days later, on Christmas Eve. Jill's family was there. Super quick and they are happy and she's finally over that fear of marriage and a big wedding.

Their flight out of ND was cancelled and there were absolutely no rental cars, but they knew someone heading to Bismarck so they showed up on our doorstop New Years Eve and we got to spend about 18 hours with them. So glad we were able to see these two newlyweds and wish them well. They really are well suited. Did I mention they are living in Florida? That's like one long honeymoon living there (my bitter cold ND may be talking here). They are going to enjoy married life together, I'm sure of it!

Congrats Jill and Tony!


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