Sunday, January 18, 2015

Nice Doggie, Be Nice.

So January. I have strong, not-nice feelings towards this month. It's not my favorite. Deep down I'm so nervous about being depressed and unmotivated and full of bad attitude selfishness about living where the air hurts my face. Seriously. Running errands or bringing kids out in freakishly cold is just plain not fun.

BUT thanks be to God (for global warming? um, not quite) this last week has been mild. Heck, even pleasant! I didn't spend as much time outside as I should have this week, but something about knowing it wasn't that insane cold, made my outlook brighter.

We did have some time out earlier today. It was still cold (I mean, it is January in ND) but not unbearable. Annalee was dressed in full winter gear (probably for the first time). And she looked adorable, bundled up waddling around. 
Check out the Road Closed sign, that's the street in front of our house. Plus small patches of dirty snow and a whole lot of dirt.
Daddy and Eli played bat/ball and had a great time. Eli does whine "I don't want it to be winter" or "I want winter to be done" and other such sayings (which I swear he doesn't get from us? shoot, I hope not) so when he actually wants to be outside, that's a win for us!

Thankful for this break in super cold so we can thaw and feel a bit more normal!


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