Sunday, January 11, 2015

First Haircut.

Annalee's hair has always been full. She's never been a bald baby. Lately her hair has really been getting in her eyes, however, so a bang trim was needed. Mommy to the rescue!

"I hope I don't mess this up?!"

I just did the front bangs and she just sort of looks like a boy. But there are always pigtails:
I'm a cute girl!
Our sweetie is still in the 1% for height. We were happy to be there with our healthy girl at her 15 month check-up last week, even if she is short! She's gaining and her head is huge so she's just fine. Healthy kids, what a gift! She's also talking more, saying banana and ball and some other words. She still likes a bottle before bed and in the morning, but she's getting to be more toddler like every day. Though I'm sure her brother will call her Baby Annalee for years (he only called her Babes for a few days, thankfully)!


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