Monday, October 5, 2015

She's TWO!

Our sweetheart turned two yesterday. What a joy to see her face most every day these last two years. From the first time we saw her eyes that snowy Friday night, to the overcast, chilly Sunday yesterday, every day with Annalee alive and healthy has been a gift. She's precious to me (and so many others too) and if there is one thing I want her to know is how much she is loved.

Her personality is fun to watch. She seems more introverted, not a fan of loads of people. She is also wild and crazy and impulsive and silly and hilarious. She is opinionated and her lower lip can pout out with the best of them. She loves her family and knows most of them by name. Annalee's vocabulary is consistently increasing, and we just love to hear her speak. Mostly we understand but sometimes we have no clue. When we come up to the stop sign next to the park, she now always says "uh thdat" meaning "want that".

She loves toys: babies, her stuffed animals (puppy, dolly, beary), shapes sorter, cell phones, fake food, etc. She is finally getting into books, many of Eli's past faves: hippos, red bow, brown bear, pat the bunny, goodnight moon, and whatever random ones she hijacks from Eli's stash. She wore 12 month size pants today (snuggly) but most are 18 month. She wears 18-24 month or 2T tops. She seems to be growing taller.

And she Glad her party theme was still fitting!
Some Adorableness for you in the form of Annalee Linn!

More party photos to follow!


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