Monday, November 2, 2015

Costumes and Candy.

Not my favorite holiday but we did Halloween dress up and candy three days in a row! Thursday for Eli's trunk or treat at school and Friday for a quick treating through Greg's work. Both times Star Wars for the kids (Obi Wan Kenobi (with Darth hat) and Yoda) and just on Thursday Han Solo and Qui Gon Jin showed up. 

But by Saturday Eli was ready for a change and our cold weather required a quick costume box check for new costumes. Robot and cupcake for the win! Annalee could barely walk with basically a snowsuit on underneath it. Hilarious and adorable. They went out in our neighborhood with Daddy and enjoyed it all. Then we stopped by grandparents for spoiling - they each got a stuffed animal instead of candy. 


A Skelton costume trick or treater scared Annalee badly that night. Again, not my favorite day but I'll just focus on the good. And the joy two kids had! 


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