Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Baby on Board.

We have a tradition. It's small, unpolished, and not always possible, but when we can manage it, we try take a photo of us and our luggage at the airport. Ideally we would before and after a flight but I don't think we've ever managed it both times in one trip. We did not get it taken on our way to Arizona one week ago - when we were happy as can be to be headed to warmth and relaxation. Today, however, I asked the nice lady behind us in line to snap a quick photo.

I thought "oh I should post this on Instagram." And that lead to a very spur of the moment decision to announce publicly that we were travelling as a party of five... what!!

Yes, we are expecting a BABY! Whoa! This baby is due in JUNE. So far all is normal and without anything concerning. I am pregnant AGAIN. Isn't that the craziest news you've heard all day?!

My quick photo this afternoon that will forever be important to our littlest.
And if you look really closely, there is a stranger on a cell phone above Annalee. 
Since this baby was a bit of a surprise, and since we've had a lot going on the first trimester, I just decided to wait on sharing the news for awhile. I needed time to process being pregnant again. And even though I had a million ideas of how to share the news of this latest blessing, I never got it done just so (Think: "another red head coming June 2016"). Then time just kept getting later and later... never the right moment. Yet as I was thinking of posting a photo, I realized my belly is full-on pregnant looking now. The last two weeks, especially this last week of vacation-eating, has definitely solidified the baby-on-board status.

So here we are, over half way there, four months away from meeting another Kasowski. I cannot believe I will birth another child. FOUR kids! Oh my!

This pregnancy has been wildly different in that with all the others, I was so crazy anxious to meet them, I wanted so badly to push the fast forward button to their safe arrival (especially with Eli). This baby is different. I am not ready for June yet! I am excited but I am not pushing that fast forward button. I am okay with some time left in utero. I have had much PEACE this time around. Partially because it wasn't quite our plan... so it is just loudly clear that every single day of this baby's life is God ordained. However many days we get, it's all His plan. I enjoy the kicks and the fact there is a baby in there and the fact we get to be pregnant again. I don't take that gift lightly.

And since we know this news... you should know too... the kids had a race and...

Eli's Team Won!

Did you get that? Do you understand? We have a pattern? Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy!

Admittedly, we were surprised and a bit disappointed. I was all ready for another girl. It took maybe one second for us to see in our ultrasound that baby is indeed a BOY though! Holy moly, folks. I am a mom to TWO BOYS. I can hardly grasp it! It took a few days to process, but we are excited for this guy. He is going to rock our world in so many ways, I am sure of that. There needs to be more amazing men in the world, men that fear God and work hard and love deeply and enjoy life, and I know that we will raise our boys to be men like this, God willing. I am convinced one of the reasons we are having a boy is so there is another awesome man in the world (like their dad).

Of course being pregnant brings some concern. We want him to live and arrive safely and be healthy. I take the same shots I did with Eli and Annalee. Our super long ultrasound and meeting with the specialist went smoothly. We will induce early again (mid-June if all goes like the last two). I will go to the doctor twice a week for monitoring and ultrasounds once I hit 32 weeks. It's going to get crazy. I may never blog. Three kids five and under is going to be a whirlwind. But the world needs more red heads. Truly.

Now on to find him a name...

-Baby Boy #2's Momma

PS - it was actually quite fun to post a photo with a subtle message, turn off your phone for a flight, and then turn it on again once at home to lots of comments!

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