Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bye Bye Birdie!

We bought a new laptop last year. The Dell we got early in our marriage served us well. We bought a nice but not spendy Toshiba. It's fast, flimsy and just fine for our not-too-often plus we-have-smartphones-and-computers-at-work useage. But we don't have Photoshop (or Office) on here so my ability to do fun things is limited. Also, let's be real, my talent in Photoshop is limited. In any case, in order to add Evan's name to my blog header graphic that I did back in the day, I need Photoshop. Cranking up the old Dell isn't going to happen today. So until then... this will do! Just know I miss our Maelee birdie up there, just as I miss her in my day-to-day life!


PS - How about my amount of blogging! Don't worry Evan, I'm recording your life online for you to be shocked and freaked out about in a few years.

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