Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I'm Mom.

I was never really into babies or kids growing up. I knew I wanted to have kids but it wasn't really my forte. I was a terrible babysitter. And me doing daycare would be a nightmare! God has given these blessings of kids, however, and He is given me responsibility to parent them, raise them, pray they love Him and love people. Ideally I won't screw up too badly most days.

Glad they call me Mommy/Mama/Mom and grateful for every (crazy, full and often overwhelming) day I get with them!
I caught a sleepy smile! 
Her first time with painted toes. I actually enjoyed painting her tiny toes! 
From the 4th - To show he (and I) don't always smile.
This boy needs quality time. And sometimes that means not vacuuming and playing with apps. 
Learning how important it is to give kids focused time, listening to them and their cares.

-Mom of these

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