Friday, September 30, 2016


Greg got the poison again. Last week he succumbed to another bout of poison ivy. Most likely acquired from Eli and him going on a "nature walk". Fail. Steroids are keeping it at bay and we are hoping this will not last months like the few times he got it in SC (remember that? it took over his body, so terrible!).

Annalee has a little hives breakout on her back from an unknown source (possibly new jammies). Unsure. But a big praise is she doesn't itch. I just noticed it at bath time last week. It isn't spreading (or going away either). Since it doesn't bother her, it's quite minor. Hay fever, allergies, perhaps?!

And I have some crazy itchy rash on my neck. It's not linear so it's not poison ivy. I went in yesterday assuming I somehow caught it from Greg. How ironic? I swear I can't let Greg have a sickness without me chiming in. Not sure what the heck this is, a reaction of some sort. But it's on my neck and itchy and wanting to take up residence in my nice neck and I'm not a fan.

3/5 - praise be the E's are safe! Eli and Evan are rash free. Especially grateful considering Evan's hands are hard to contain from touching my neck rash.

Just recording this to remember how crazy life can be!


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