Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Lion, Tiger, Bear.

One friend thought this was a baby announcement. It is NOT. Greg is the oh my! He was supposed to wear it but this was last minute, too busy working on the tiger. The lion is a friend's costume she made. The bear was given to cousin Ali when she was a baby from my Grandma Doris (making it extra special). So naturally I had to make the tiger and the results were melt yourself cute. Too bad I didn't get better pics! Glad Eli was on board for a themed costume with his siblings. Read: he didn't even request Star Wars!

The big two had fun at daddy's office, then supper with Grandma before they went around our neighborhood for a bit. They got plenty of candy. I am not a huge fan of Halloween but loved it as a kid. Obviously! It's a holiday made for kids. Sugar!!!!!
just three and a dad

Tiger Princess!

So come on over, I have chocolate that needs a home that is not our bellies.


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