Tuesday, November 22, 2016


On the drive after school today:
Me: "How was school today? Anything different happen?"
Eli: "We had a hearing test."
Me: "Oh, how did that go?"
Eli: "What?"

Last week, Eli was thrilled to see his name in hELIcopter! He's doing great finding his "sight words" from school and it is SO enjoyable seeing him beginning to read.

He also asked me the other day for some "graham crappers" - and I didn't correct him!!

Annalee is interpreting bigger words and skewing them. The other day I was brushing her hair and she said "get the rectangles out!" She's awesome. She's also doing super at potty training. I knew it'd be easier if we waited until she was ready. Looking forward to only one little babe in diapers.


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