Monday, March 13, 2017

Eli Was Right.

My previous "going to be a quick parenting post" turned rant had me thinking I could come across prideful in my parenting style. My main idea was to write down what has worked and may continue to do so! Let me say that I am full of parenting fails as I'm continually being humbled and shaped while I'm exhausted and at my witt's end much of each day.

One major fail happened in the last weeks. Sometime in January or February, Eli was complaining about his coat zipper. Getting him ready in the mornings is an act of God. He is pokey (and after parent/teacher conferences where Eli got glowing marks except the lone constructive criticism "Eli is the pokiest of pokes" we now know it's not just at home!). So anything to make him take longer and just not get it done wears at my patience. He whined for days "This is not my coat! My zipper is black. This is not my zipper." And I kept saying "This is too your coat! Just get it on! Hurry up!!" - quite a few days I recall this conversation and I did make sure it looked like his coat but I didn't think to look for the name I had written last fall.

Fast forward to last week when I get a text from a family at church with a photo of Eli's coat and "Eli K" clearly written in the inside. He was RIGHT! The coat he had been wearing had a neon zipper (but same otherwise). We made the switch and Eli's zipper is indeed black.

So good lessons for this mom with this story. I'm not always right. I need to listen better.

-Black Zipper Kid Mom

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