Sunday, March 19, 2017

Lloyd Stories.

I posted this on facebook now and I'm hoping to reach as many folks as possible.

Many of you know my wonderful dad has Alzheimer's. Rather than wait until his funeral, or years when he won't have ability to appreciate, I'd love to overwhelm him with your stories, comments, photos, your memories with him. I'd like to make him a book to include all of this. If you have known my dad in any way, for years or even just met him once, could you please get me a memory? Tell me the kindness, the humor, the impression, the help, the conversation. Tell me the way Lloyd was as a kid, or during his bachelor days, raising his two amazing daughters, enjoying his hobbies or even into retirement. Perhaps you'd rather say thanks or give kind words to him. I'll take any comments, paragraphs, pages or photos you want to give. If it's just to post a few sentences here, that works too. Try tell me why or how you know him so I can help jog his memory if need be. And *thank you* for being a part of his story in some way. Comment here, email Amber or I at: lloydstories at or text me. 

If you know my dad in some capacity, if he's left an impression on you, do send me a blurb. I want to go through all these moments with him while he still has the ability to recall people and memories. I want him to feel loved and appreciated and to know that his life matters. He resonates kindness, has shown kindness to so many in his life, I'm hoping to hear stories we haven't heard before and smile with him as we remember together. Celebrating life is a gift and I want to do that now instead of after he is gone.

Thanks, friends.

 -The second daughter of Lloyd

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