Friday, March 27, 2015

TBT File.

I have a folder on my desktop. "Photos and Videos to FILE or DELETE or LABEL" it says. Just like that. And I decided to find a photo from the earliest/first folder within that folder.

There you go. Anyone guess how old he is here?

Ok, I'll tell you. 19 months. Annalee will be that in May. This was November 2012.

That's how far back I have to go in order to put order to my photos. Not entirely true, as I have most of 2014 organized (because I realized my current way of doing things was NOT going to cut it and I got smart and now have a better system, praise be). But I still have a good two years plus I need to go back and weed through. Which, you know, is sort of fun. In the #tbt spirit and all.

Maybe I'll do some of that on this here vacation. Maybe not. No stressing allowed.


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