Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Eli's turning four in a week. Just like that. It hasn't gone by in a blink like they say sometimes. Something like the days are long but the years are fast. Guess that rings true for us.
This kid is still such a joy. He is an encourager, usually ready with a high five or way to go. Oh that his words always speak life to others!

He's affectionate towards Annalee. Often too much so, smooshing her and getting in her way. She takes it in stride. They like to be together, play together. Currently an Eli favorite is to play doggie. He's Sparky, an affectionate, crazy dog. And he named his sister Lucy, a smaller not-as-into-this-game, dog. May they always be close. 

Eli is great with directions, surprisingly he has some innate directional ability. If he's been somewhere before, he will somewhat remember how we got there or what we passed. Which means he's really has a fantastic memory. It's superb. We ate at Cracker Barrel a few weeks ago. He asked us why we didn't sit on the other side, where we ate ten months prior. These stories happen often. "Hey! 'member when..."

This kid... oh how he enjoys making up gobbily-goofy words and songs and jams. He will be fun and goofy and wacky more often than not. He also enjoys potty words (poop, poopy diaper, butt, etc). Oi.

In some things, he likes to do it himself rather than wait for you to show him. So he's not very patient. But he is independent. Not sure if those are traits of him or his age!

But overall, I'd say he doesn't want to try very hard. We will fight laziness in him. If he doesn't want to do something (put on his shirt), he'd rather we just do it for him. If he doesn't want to practice writing, he will just draw a circle and move to something else. Perhaps he errors on being lazy, not supremely motivated or perhaps he's the kind of guy that wants to observe and do something once he's mastered it.

Eli is inquisitive, curious about the world around him, but still sheltered and unattached to any pain and suffering. I love his innocence and am so glad for it.

He is social but still a bit shy in big groups or unknown surroundings. If I'm there and he is uncomfortable, he'll cling. But once he's feeling it, he's off doing his own thing.

He still likes the color red. And still loves having books read to him. Favorite books currently are superhero books. I anticipate the day when he reads himself - oh that his love of books would continue and he'd be like Daddy!

He favorite foods are spaghetti and tacos. He would eat only those two things if he could. Also carbs and fruit. He loves sweets but doesn't get them too often so when he does, he gets wacky!

Eli, oh son. Why must he scream so? If he doesn't get his way and if he is hungry (or over tired), he will scream so very loud. Or growl. His anger is definitely there. Uff-da. It's ugly. I have learned this and we are trying to prevent the hangry from happening too often.

He can dress himself mostly but has issues with his shirt or sweatshirts. He's a fan of character socks and undies. And wearing the color red.

I was sick of hearing the ABC prayer before meals so I taught him the Johnny Appleseed prayer and now that's all he wants to pray before meals. Before bed, when I put him to bed, I try get him to think of something to thank God for. It's usually Annawee.

He likes playing anything with Greg. Bat and ball are always a standby favorite. He also likes play dough, helping us cook, legos, making up stories, and musical instruments (especially an annoying flute).

His first preschool friend is Deker. He also enjoys time with Riley at daycare, and Elsa. He is quite loyal. We haven't gotten as close to friends here yet, it takes time. And I feel that for him, knowing he is social and needs community, too. We'll get there. For now, we are glad for the interaction at daycare, preschool and Sunday school.

Eli can say big words. He talks great for his age. He mostly has trouble with the "l" sound coming out more like a "y"... so now we call it "Yowes" instead of Lowes. He also talks crazy loud. His normal talking voice is definitely able to be heard.

He happened to come in just now, as I'm typing this up. I'm forcing him to have rest time, even though he doesn't want to. But thankfully he will play by himself at least for a time. He was telling me about his clock. Then I told him I was writing about him and I asked him what I should say about him. His reply:

"Well, um, I'm a nice boy. And and I'm a nice brother. And I, and I, like friends. I like friends to sleep over at my house. And I like friends."

There you have it. Good thing his cousin is coming for a sleepover this weekend.

What a great kid.

-Eli's Mom

PS - I went (or shall I say am going) way overboard for another birthday party. Superheros. I love planning parties for these kiddos and I hope they love having them as it doesn't look like I'll ever stop.

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