Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Emoto Poo.


Is that going to show up on this post? Who knows. But I find it sad and tad funny I had use for the poop emoticon today. 

Poor little 1% (for height, still) is sick with a gastero whatever (stomach bug). For some TMI: She threw up hard yesterday, got a fever that hasn't left, had a few freaky spasms, stopped puking, then diaherra arrived. This morning she was crazy lethargic. Wouldn't talk or move. We went to the walk-in and besides her sodium electrolytes, her levels were still normal. Gatorade, thank you. She's running around a 103 fever so she's messed up still. Our daycare lady was out for four or so days with this. Yikes. 

She's so tiny, it makes it harder than when Eli was ever sick (though he never puked like she did). Thank God she's 18 months old and not a newborn. Uffda. 

I'm writing to remember this. I hate sickness and how it overtakes all, it's worrisome and bothersome and other-somes. Always a chance to remind us we were not made to live forever. Our bodies are not perfect this side of heaven. Clearly. And it makes me loosen my grip on these two, hard as that is for this mama. Eli has been asking harder questions with Maelee's birthday here and I do recall saying the words "I never want to see your tombstone". Lord let it be so for both these two. 

Both kiddos had we'll check-ups on Monday. Ironic. Percentage wise, Eli's smack in the middle for normal height, 70-something % weight. Annalee was in the 1% again for height but 30-something for weight and 70-something for head! Normal growth from before. Both checked up fine!

Here's to hoping she gets better, sleeps tonight and that he (or us, or you) don't get it!!! 


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