Monday, April 13, 2015

Still Sick.

Again, recording this all so I can remember how terrible sickness is and how great it is when we are healthy and really, praise God for the miracle of making it through! Annalee was better later Friday and back to normal Saturday, whew!

However, our little boy got this sickness worse than sister. I didn't think that was possible. I didn't think it was possible one could throw up for two days. He started at 1pm on Friday, every hour or 30 minutes even, through the night and to the next day. It was a looong night for Mom and Dad. Saturday he slowed down to every few hours. And thankfully he threw up late that night but not again until Sunday morning. He was up through the night drinking sips of Gatorade every now and again, but at least we slept more! He started the fever sometime Saturday but we didn't give him Advil until Sunday because he wouldn't have kept it down. Sunday he started very slight diarrhea and that has continued on today.

I almost brought him to the doctor a few times, so worried about dehydration. If he would have puked through two nights, there would have been an ER visit. He did pee around the eight-hour mark usually so I knew he was still ok. But there were times...

He woke up this morning (slept mostly through the night - yippee!) and whispered "I'm so... so wobly. I can't walk" so the poor kid is weak. He's also a tad dramatic. No idea where he gets that from.

I'm home with him again today and he's sluggishly watching TV. Still barely eating, afraid of pooping or puking, and a slight fever. BUT he is getting better. Soon he will be off the couch, talking normal, playing legos, eating tacos, spaghetti, fruit, yogurt, and carbs... yes, he will be back to full-strength Eli soon. Last week Greg and I couldn't believe how loud he talks and now, I'm looking forward to when I have to tell him to bring it down a notch.


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