Friday, April 10, 2015


A little over an hour ago, I was at my desk. Then a "Eli threw up" phone call happened. Another one bit the dust. So much for keeping it to Annalee (who is better and on her way to normal)  UPDATE: NEVERMIND. Annalee started fevering again late this afternoon, a whiny, sad mess she is again (but no puking).

Hopefully Eli doesn't get it as bad as her! He did have sugary birthday treats at preschool today so perhaps that's all?!

Not likely. UPDATE: No, he's definitely got the bug. He has puked his little guts out and it's so terrible.

The kid is different though. He has asked for crackers and cheese about one minute after puking. Weird. UPDATE: Yep, he puked those up. Lesson learned. 

At least the weather is nice! UPDATE: I sure wish we could have been out enjoying it! 


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jillian said...

UUUG. So sorry to hear! We were all pretty poo-poo sicko too the last week were in the states! Gratefully, we were nearing passing scores (I'd say most of us were feeling at least 70%better) by the time we had to jump on an international flight.... Now we're oh-so-hoping that you guys will all be better very soon too!!!!

Much love,