Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I want to record on the blog one little detail about our dearest Annalee.

She loves shoes. Yes, shoes!

She loves her shoes, she loves my shoes, she loves random visitor's shoes, she loves daddy's shoes.... all shoes. She will try them on, walk around, carry them, hoard them. She will always choose to have shoes on if she sees them. She loves shoes.

I have pink sparkly shoes I bought for 49 cents. She loves those shoes. But she also loves her handmedown shoes from the Lippert girls, Crocs and tennis shoes and comfy shoes. She just loves them all!

She can also say "shoe". Before she would just walk up to us with shoes and cry. Now we can hear her loud and clear when she smiles and says shoe, we know what she wants. She can get a few pairs on by herself now, too. Such a big girl.

Maybe we need to invest in a shoe organizer for Annalee's room already.


PS - Bonus details about Annalee!

*Her verbal has exploded the last few weeks. She repeats often. She says all our names, lots of food, body parts (bellee), and random things, a few words put together. Her "hi" is adorable. She says her own name too and it comes out like "Annee".

*She loves chips! she says "bip" and she wants nothing else if she sees them. I think she likes the crunch. And salt. Heck, who can blame her. A few weeks ago, we swear she said "can I have a chip please?" - Greg and I did a double take.

*She has been going through a growth spurt, we think. Sleeping more, eating a ton. Breakfast would last an hour or more if we let her! I think she did get taller the last weeks though! Yay for her!

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