Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Not sure if I've recorded this or not but each of us has a song or two. Made up by us, we all have a tune, a jingle, a diddly to our name.

Greg's is stinkin' awesome. "DADDY!! Daddy is a rockstar!" followed by a hardcore little doo-da. Mine is much less so. "mommm. mommmm." in a low, monotone drowl followed by random rhyming. Really quite depressing. The kids made up our songs. Eli's is from his baby outfit that Greg sang to "Eli the elephant loves to play, and munch on peanuts everyday.... doo doo do do do do do doo do do do do do do do." Annalee has two "A N N A L E E spells An-na-lee!" and "Annalee, An-na-lee-hehe, you are such, such a cute cutie, Annalee An-na-lee-hehe, you are such a cute cutie. Taco Johns!" "Evan, Evan debevin, Evan, Evan debevin" (he needs a new one).

Yesterday I overheard Annalee singing "Daddy drums! Mommy cleans! Annalee plays! Eli plays! Evan plays!" and versions of those same word combos. I'd like to think that my kids recognize my lack of musical talent but choose something I am good at to sing about. ;)


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