Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gift Ideas.

I truly enjoy gift giving. I have to restrain myself or we would not be able to pay the bills. Seriously. I love to buy gifts.

It's hard, though, if that's not your thing. So here's a few ideas for you, if you need a 'lil kick in the pants.

One idea stems from a super great gift my husband gave me one year. It was shortly after I started working at CIU. The bookstore next to my office sold Clearly Canadian sparkling beverages in peach! So random for this small southern school bookstore to sell that gem from my childhood! I told Greg one day about them (including how much they cost, with my discount $1.22 or something like that). He remembered and later as a surprise, he made a bunch on tiny envelopes and put exactly $1.22 in each. He also put a Canadian flag sticker with funny Canadian sayings on them (this was pre-kids when he had time). He gave me probably 20 or 30 of those little envelopes. It took me a bit to figure out what it all was... but as soon as I did I loved it. Such a sweet, thoughtful gift! Now a Starbucks giftcard is not as cool... but if you happen to know what drink your gift recipient gets, you could have the card for that drink's exact amount plus city-specific tax (ie, $4.35).

Consumables. For people that are hard to buy for, consumables are great. Nothing to be stored or collecting dust. Pride of Dakota type mixes or jellies or deliciousness. I bought quite a few gifts at Trader Joes this year (mainly chocolate goodness!). Or Harry and David pears, yum! Some non-food consumable ideas: a Rosemary tree (Trader Joes yet again!), any cool plant, or decorate for them with a swanky wreath.

Supplies for something they already make/use. One year I bought Greg's grandma chocolate chip cookie making supplies (since she makes them allll the time). You could buy the flour, sugar, chocolate chips. Up it with a new pan or cool silicone spoonula (seriously, spoonula's are SO great). Or perhaps it's as simple as paper towels and paper plates because they are about to host family. Practical yet thoughtful!

Gift certificates seem not-personable. But if it's to the right place it can be somewhat personable. A bookstore for a book lover, etc. Try a certificate for something they could or should use! A fitness place if they are often talking about working out (this could backfire though). A car wash if they like a clean car. Any certificate that includes babysitting is also great. Greg's parents gave us a combo movie certificate, dinner certificate, and babysitting as a gift last year! Very great!

Sentimental. You can't go wrong with a photo in a frame. Try an old photo of family or a place. Last year I printed a photo of my dad's favorite place (the road to the hunting shack) on a canvas print. Or think back to a date or memory that makes you happy with your gift recipient and get a certificate for that restaurant, a promise of a date at that park, a reservation at that hotel, etc. Just make sure to maybe say what the connection is (for us sentimental people who can't remember!).

For babies, my co-worker told me about Indestructibles. Books made out of that tough, thin paperish stuff that envelopes are sometimes made out of. I ordered one for Annalee and Alexia this year - they are truly a GREAT book for littles because you cannot rip them! But if you really want to up this idea, Highlights has a subscription to this same type of no-tear book (but with actual words more book-like), so you could buy the kid a subscription for a year and they'd get a book a month!

For kids, Legos rarely go on sale. They are classic. Most kids like them. They sell girl-colored sets now too. They also sell just small sets if you are on a price limit.

I was going to type up some other favorite things but my child is awake. Hopefully this will get you thinking of a sweet gift!


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