Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mr. Man.

Yesterday Eli had a Christmas program at church. He made it to a few practices but never was into doing the actions or singing. Plus missed the rehearsal. But we still decided to make it a go (partially because I knew it was only 15 minutes and the organizer said to come - though I didn't realize there was another program afterward for the older kids, whoops).

Well, our kid mostly stood there, only picked his nose once, and made a lot of his frowny face. But it was amusing to watch him! And he did stomp a few times like he was supposed to. And I got to dress him up so not a total loss.

Frowny face that is fake and will eventually make him laugh at himself:
Also yesterday he said a new funny thing: "can I have something to tie me up?" Meaning, can I have something to eat to tie me over until supper?

And he named the mouse in our garage "Washi".


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