Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Holed Up.

There is sickness taking over Bismarck. Our daycare lady's husband has pneumonia, mom has influenza A, and grandson has strep. I was supposed to work yesterday or today but did not (so we could avoid all that) and my office is closed the rest of the week... so no work for Heather! Though this afternoon Eli and I were definitely in a power struggle battle and working would have been loads easier! That kid. He's gotten pretty spoiled the last few weeks (especially when it comes to food). He was feeling much better the last two days so momma had to stop the madness. Discipline is hard and not fun but is truly good (Hebrews 11 yo).

Eli being sick made us miss out on some time with the family, but we have still had some great times! We do theme days and have had pajama day (with some serious breakfasty goodness), random bit of Star Wars day, snow day (slushburgers, chili, sausage balls... and fun snow-themed activities like snow ball fights with marshmallows!), and Downton Abbey day (my in-laws rented costumes - that's right! - and served us with the fine china authentic-ish English foods!) - though since Eli was sick that day along with Uncle Andrew, it was a less fun day than hoped.

Here's a few pics from some of the crazy!
Breakfast of Champions.

Alexia is almost a head taller than Annalee. And likes to steal her toys! We are all curious how these girls will love each other as they grow up together!
A few of us had to try on the Star Wars costumes. Chewbacca wrestled with all the kids.
Snowman Plates (and a trashed house after marshmallow battles).

Downton Abbey Day ftw!
Best Picture Ever. John is hilarious.

Doesn't she look like a 1920's baby? Yes, another dress for Annalee.

Thanks to these great hosts! Look at that slick hair! Lord Gran...pa.
Just like Downton Abbey, minus the servants and accents and soap operaness.


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Rebekah said...

I love these pictures, love these people even more!!