Monday, December 22, 2014


We are giddy that the China crew has arrived. A few days with them around has been joyous. For Eli especially to have boy cousins around, such excitement! Lilli has been here as well and we've already had one delicious theme day!

Our still-southern-bred (?!) kids watching all the others play outside in the not-as-cold-as-it-could-be weather tonight:

And these two seven-year-olds enjoyed following Annalee around tonight:

See Greg there relaxing? Vacation is awesome! Plus my mother-in-law is a fabulous cook. 

Looking forward to the week... though I could really use a few days to wrap presents. Or my mom or the ladies from ProReNata gift shop to come help! I never understood how great it is having others wrap gifts (nicely) for you. I used to hear people be all giddy when I handed them their wrapped present with some fantastic bow after they bought something at the gift shop. I probably thought they were lame for not wanting to wrap their own gift. But now I understand. I love wrapping and paper and bows and matching greatness...but not with children around:) Must let go some of that perfectionism. No bow is ok. And Greg wrapped for me on his day off today, isn't that nice?!


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