Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Too Close.

I feel like Thanksgiving and Christmas are too close together. Let's spread the food-family-fun-vacation love around a bit, eh? Thanksgiving should be in September or something. So much to schmoosh in a month. Here's some:

First off, my niece picked ME to write her turkey craft note for... out of all her peeps! And not every day you get thanked for having kids!
What a sweet niece!
And traveling with kids is... is.... is not the best way to spend a day. But we made it! Thankfully we stopped at Great Grandma Welle's for a night on the way there and back to break up the trip. Less screaming and a great time to see our favorite 86-year-old!
On the drive home from MN, bathroom stop.
We also got to finally meet little mister LJ, our dear friend's baby boy born five months ago. Super fun!
Here is my helper today, at the beginning stages of trimming our tree. And me trying really hard not to move the ornaments to look space evenly...
A willing helper, surprisingly!

Holidays are here!


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