Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Knew.

I knew that having an older child would most likely mean my baby would get sick earlier (and more often) but I wasn't expecting it so soon. Graciously, Eli was never sick until he was older (10 months?!) and bigger. Annalee is only a month old and already has a cold. Sigh. 

Sunday I was going to post about how I thought we were turning over a new leaf with her after two fairly decent nights this weekend. Then, sadly, we took two steps backwards. Last night I was up until 3am with her. 3am! And then again at 5:30. She's congested but so far no other symptoms. Eli has a runny nose (and my throat hurts) so it's definitely just one dumb cold. I know it's no biggie but to this tired mama who doesn't have her middle-of-the-night helper husband, it seems quite overwhelming with everything else I'm trying to figure out with Annalee (more on all that later). 

Someday we will turn over that leaf. Someday I will not be exhausted. Someday the big bro will get a mama with energy again. And someday she'll smile for real and not just in her sleep!


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Katie said...

one TIRED MAMA! i hope her congestion goes away quickly! an encouragement: nora also had what i thought was a cold (just congestion and nothing else) early on like annalee. i brought her in to be seen because she was so little, and her pediatrician (whom i LOVE) said that a lot of babies get this congestion early on and most of the time isn't an illness but rather their body responding to all the new things it has to adjust to being in the air and breathing. she said it happens most often with early babes. she suggested suction and UNmedicated plain saline nose drops. we had heard rave reviews on the nosefrieda for nasal suction, and made the $15 plunge. i am SO GLAD we did. if you don't have it, it's a MUST. it is so much more thorough, easy to use/control than the bulb thingy. i'm not sure if she just isn't bothered by nasal suction or not, but she has never once cried when i've used it on her.